4 Ways to Add Glam to Your Life and Boost Your Self-Love


When you think of glamour, images of the Great Gatsby come to life in your mind, and you envision glitzy floor-length dresses, perfect curls, and silver makeup. Sometimes, when we lack that abundance of all things opulent in life, a little can go a long way in helping us restore our self-love and remind us of all the extraordinary qualities our life already has. The company of your loved one during a candle-lit dinner, a pair of your mom’s most glamorous heels, and going to the movies to see a black and white move while wearing a hat – all of these choices can actually elevate your mood and your gratitude for the finer things in life in a split second. 

Let your imagination run free for a moment, and spend some time in playful dancing, or putting on a fancy outfit for your loved one while you prep a home-cooked meal. Use these little gems to create memories that will add meaning and love to your life, one glam moment at a time.

Lace up your bedtime 

Appreciating and celebrating your own sensuality and sexuality should be a regular occurrence, and a part of your innermost identity. It’s not about flaunting for the world to see, it’s about loving your body every moment of every day. If you feel too ordinary and you don’t find your look to inspire that “spark” when you see yourself in the mirror, and you’d like a confidence boost, you can look for sensual, lace lingerie that will awaken your femininity. 

Lace and silk are perhaps the most glamorous of all materials, and they’re soothing for your skin, and a perfect choice for your bedtime ritual. Even if you don’t have anything special planned, you can put on a silky nightgown, read a book, enjoy a glass of wine, and remind yourself of how stunning you are! 

Use scented candles to improve the mood

The ambiance is sometimes all you need to infuse your life with some much-needed glamor and bask in the mood to refresh your self-esteem and to feel mysteriously gorgeous. This simple technique is especially useful when you’ve just got back home from a busy day at the office, and you need to feel as if time has stopped somewhere in the twenties. 

Choose some scented candles for your living room, and dim the lights so that the shimmer of the candles can work its magic for your mood. Put on some smooth jazz in the background, dance barefoot across the room, and enjoy a glass of wine as you let your mind absorb the soothing fragrance of the candles. 

Set up a fancy dinner

It can be a special occasion such as an anniversary, or you can organize a dinner for yourself when you’re ready to greet the weekend on a Friday evening in the comfort of your own home. When you want to feel extra glamorous, look for stunning gala dresses that can evoke that glam look and feel, and let you embrace your inner beauty in all of its glory. 

Dressing up for a dinner with yourself means you love and respect yourself as much as you would any other dinner companion such as your spouse – so yes, you deserve the special treatment! Order in or make your favorites on your own if you enjoy the cooking process, too. You’d be surprised how wonderful it can be to just bask in those moments as you remind yourself of your beautiful figure in that sleek dress. 

Bubble bath with gramophone tunes

Sometimes, the less you do, the better it will be for you to recharge your batteries. Let that warm water fill your bathtub as you choose a perfect selection of fragrances to fill your entire bathroom. When we say gramophone tunes, it doesn’t mean you need to procure one that very instant. You can find entire playlists online or create your own of your favorite old music hits that will send you back into a more glamorous, slow-paced time. 

Prepare a home-made facial mask to pamper your pores as well, and brace yourself for a meditative, restorative session amidst the bubbles for a perfect evening of glam. This is an opportunity to mix and match other glam-adding methods, such as adding scented candles in the background, or picking your favorite glass of wine as you dip your toes in the tub. 


These little pleasures in life can be as glamorous as the most eccentric gala with hundreds of fancy-dressed people around. It doesn’t take that much to add some “extraordinary” into your existence, so use these little, life-affirming methods to infuse your time with beauty and elegance for greater self-love and gratitude. 

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Claire Hastings
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