10 workouts for dancers


Are you a fan of improving your core strength, or just improving your moves with a rigorous training routine? Whether you want to look picture perfect for that next performance or you simply want to improve your fitness overall, there are plenty of workouts that can help you. Whether you prefer slow and steady or really going all out, there’s a workout that suited to your style.


Ready to get fitter? Try out incorporating these workouts into your routine, and you’ll feel stronger, faster and better than ever:


1. Yoga

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While Yoga might seem more slow and steady than the core strength and energy required for dancing, it can actually be the perfect way to improve your overall flexibility. As well as being ideal for building your core, Yoga can help you train your body to push itself further; making those difficult moves that little bit easier. With many gyms offering Yoga sessions for all ability levels, getting flexible has never been easier. Or, you can easily find many yoga studios worldwide and start with your daily mind & body practicing.


2. Aerial workouts


From yoga to trapeze silks, aerial performing and working out is actually relatively close to the requirements of dancing. You’ll need excellent balance and control to stay the right way up, especially for more challenging moves, helping to build strength in the arm and leg muscles in addition to your stomach and core. More specialized than some workouts, keep an eye out for trials for anything from aerial hoops to silks to find a session that’s right for you.


3. Weight training

Whether it’s kettlebell swinging of dumbbell lifting, including some weight training in your regime not only helps to build your strength. It also offers you better stamina when it comes to lifting, carrying or swinging heavy weights; which translates well to working in pairs on the pole rather than solo. Whether you like group workouts or solo sweating, most gyms have the equipment you need to get started.


4. Zumba


With a focus on rhythm, beat and getting lost in the music, Zumba is the ideal addition for pole dancers struggling to stay on-beat with their routines. With every move designed to flow with the music, Zumba can soon teach you to match the rhythm of your background music, as well as providing some excellent cardio to get you going. Sign up to a class at your local gym to get yourself feeling that rhythm in no time.


5. Swimming

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Finding yourself sore from dancing, or just don’t feel like you’re getting enough recovery time between sessions? If you love a good workout but want to give your body time to rest, swimming is the solution. You can still get those endorphins flowing while treating your body to a muscle-soothing workout you’ll love. Take your swimsuit down to the nearest pool and see just how good the water feels with a quick half-hour session.


6. Cheerleading


It’s not just for high school girls, you know. Cheerleading has become increasingly popular as a way to work out for those beyond their school years, offering motivation, enthusiasm and plenty of challenging moves to try. Fancy trying it with your pole group? You could even opt for custom dance costumes for the whole team, to add in a little more team spirit to your workouts.


7. Pilates


More core-focused than yoga, Pilates takes the workout up to the next step by focusing on improving strength and breathing. With many gyms and studios offering classes, finding a Pilates workout that suits you is an easy task – and often, they will provide all the equipment you need too, from inflatable balls to blocks and mats.


8. Rock climbing

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Requiring good upper-body strength and the ability to hold still even in sore spots, many of the basic skills needed for rock climbing are also musts for great pole dancers. This workout takes you out of the traditional gym environment and provides some variety to your routine, making it the perfect choice for those who prefer to spend time outdoors in addition to working out inside.


9. Modern dance


Is there any better way to workout than to learn some new dance steps, or develop a routine you’ll love? From fast-paced hip-hop classes to slower dances or even twerk workshops, there’s a wide range of dance classes to pick from. Many dance studios offer trial sessions to help you find what’s the right fit for you.


10. CrossFit


One of the most intense and strength-building workouts available, CrossFit is not for the faint-hearted, but it certainly provides excellent results. Building your muscle, core strength and discipline, combining CrossFit with pole, for example, can allow you get to get stronger, faster – perfect for holding those more difficult moves, or working towards your next level of pole fitness. With CrossFit regimes available at many gyms, finding a place on these popular courses is easy.


Whatever your choice of workout, adding an extra dimension to your fitness routine in addition to dancing is the ideal recipe for better habits and more developed skills. From building up your core to improving your poise, providing flexibility and offering valuable rest time, there’s a workout suitable for everyone – the challenge is in picking the one that’s the best fit for you.


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