Quick and Easy Recipes for Weeknight Dinners

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As we roll into the fall, it’s essential to keep your weekly meal plans quick and easy. This way, you won’t have to spend money on takeout or sweat over your stove. Plus, you’ll be able to spend more quality time with your family. These straightforward dinners can keep your weeknights focused on hanging out together.

Here are eight simple yet tasty meals your family will love.


1. Three Cheese Spinach Flatbreads


Do you need a delicious 30-minute dinner? These savory flatbreads can feed your family fast. They’re extremely simple, as you’ll use pre-made naan for each crust. A single serving feeds one person, but you can easily make more. Plus, you can even add leftover ingredients if you need to use any before they spoil. A little chicken or tofu would be perfect for some supplemental protein.


You can serve your flatbreads with a quick salad for a balanced meal.


2. Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese


A yummy bowl of macaroni and cheese will always be a family favorite. But have you ever substituted noodles for cauliflower? This version can help your children eat more vegetables with barely any effort on your part. You’ll also be able to avoid any unnecessary carbohydrates. This quick dish won’t take more than an hour, but you can cut down on that time if you don’t bake your meal.


Cut up fruit and make a salad for healthy side dishes.


3. Roasted Korean Barbecue Wings


These Korean wings are perfect for days when you want appetizers for dinner. Whether you’re about to watch football or hang outside, it’s always fun to make various bites so that everyone can graze. You can easily pop these barbecue wings into your oven without much preparation. They don’t require a homemade sauce or rub, so you’ll simply add salt and pepper before you cook them.


You can serve your Korean barbecue wings with your favorite dipping sauce. Feel free to make French fries or onion rings for a snacky side dish.


4. Classic Shepherd’s Pie


This classic meal combines meat, potatoes and vegetables for a hearty dinner. It requires a little work, as you have to combine and cook some ingredients before you bake your shepherd’s pie. That said, you can prepare your meal up to three days prior. This flexibility makes your life easier. Use either ground lamb or ground beef for your base — whichever your family likes better.


You don’t have to serve a side dish, but it’s never a bad idea to make broccoli or cauliflower for added nutrition.


5. One Pot Chicken Stroganoff


A one pot meal like chicken stroganoff can save dinnertime at your house. This recipe puts together a tasty meal that doesn’t require much cleanup. It may take more than 30 minutes to assemble and cook, but you can reduce your preparation time even further if you use a rotisserie chicken. Feel free to double your servings so that you can eat more tomorrow, too.


A hearty meal requires a light side dish. Try a simple salad for a little more balance.


6. Shrimp Tacos With Cilantro Slaw


Your family’s taco night doesn’t have to involve boring ground beef and shredded cheese. Instead, you can prepare a deliciously fresh alternative. A choice like shrimp works well for quick dinners because it’s not overly involved. In less than 10 minutes, your shrimp will be ready for plating. The creamy sauce and crunchy slaw create a refreshing combination for your tastebuds.


You can pair your taco bar with rice, salsa, beans, queso and more.


7. Honey Garlic Glazed Salmon


You’ll never fail when you put salmon on your weekly menu. Like with shrimp, you’ll only have to set aside six minutes to cook your fish. You likely already have honey, garlic and lemon, so you won’t need to make a special trip to your local store for any ingredients. Try to buy frozen salmon fillets. This way, you can thaw them as you need them. For this recipe, you only need to prepare a sauce before you cook.


Many like to serve their salmon with mashed potatoes and green beans.


8. Italian Stuffed Peppers


Who doesn’t enjoy stuffed peppers? This version puts an Italian twist on a classic dish. They call for ground chicken, diced tomatoes and brown rice. With mozzarella and parmesan cheese as toppings, your family will love these stuffed peppers. They take under an hour to come together, but you can prepare them beforehand. That makes dinnertime even easier. You can also freeze them for later.


A side of vegetables can complement your meal.


Enjoy These Straightforward Meals With Your Family

Your family’s dinner doesn’t have to be too involved or expensive. These recipes will put food on your table quickly so that you can catch up and hang out.

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