5 Ways to Make Your Life as a New Mom Easier

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Bringing a baby into this world is one of the most life-altering experiences for any mom, but the many challenges and intricacies of motherhood have yet to begin when you go home and start your new chapter together. That fresh bun of yours is about to make your life infinitely more beautiful, but also much more baby-centric. Sleeping, eating, and other essential activities will depend on the moods and needs of your little bundle. 

Exhausted from giving birth, some moms even dealing with postpartum depression, adapting to your new role can be a challenge. What matters for you to know is that you’re neither alone nor expected to master all the tricks and hacks right away. Some of these tips will help some moms, but other new moms need to come up with their own, as every baby and every mom-baby relationship is unique. To help you make your life a little easier and less hectic, here are a few time-tested tips from other moms. 

Build your own support system

Whether you’re a single mom or you have a spouse to share parenting responsibilities with, every single new mom needs a strong support system from day one. So many moms feel as if they’re imposing on others by asking for help. What you’re actually doing is asking for help and support that is necessary for you to recover and raise a child. 

Get your partner or someone else in your family to babysit for a few hours. Ask them to go shopping with you if you need to find some new clothes. Call them for a video chat to ask for advice and support. All of these and many other ways to work together will make momhood much easier on you.

Master meal prepping 

Whether you’re breastfeeding or not, eating healthy, nutritious meals is a must for every new mom, although it feels like just another to-do on your list. To avoid skipping meals and draining your energy, you can start planning and prepping meals ahead of time. To simplify that process, you can rely on a meal-planning app like Mealime with plenty of quick and healthy recipes, and you can set grocery lists to help you keep track of all you need during the week.

Meal prepping is a wonderful way to help you stay energized and to recover after giving birth. Add to that, prepared meals help you stay on track with your own health goals, whether you want to shed a few pounds or not. 

Talk to other moms

In addition to your spouse, relatives, and closest friends and family members, other new moms can help you learn the ropes, so to speak, much more quickly and with fewer hiccups. You can ask the more experienced moms those questions that bug you in your everyday life and get some emotional support when you feel exhausted and vulnerable.

During this new chapter of your life, using a motherhood app like Mumli can help you connect with like-minded moms, get immediate help on how best to handle certain issues, and even prevent some setbacks by reading existing tips in the app. It can serve as your go-to momhood network to get advice, but also be there for each other when you feel like you’re falling apart – they’ll remind you you’re not alone and that you can do it all, one day at a time. 

Learn to say no

Among so many things first-time moms need during that initial stage of developing a mom-baby bond, learning to say no is perhaps the most paramount of all. If asking for help seems difficult, then you might find it equally or even more challenging to say no when people ask to come over when you’re exhausted, or when they invite you for a coffee date and you just want to take a decent shower and bring out the breast pump. 

Saying no helps you set clear, healthy boundaries in life. As a new mom, this can easily be seen as a survival skill. It’s the only way people will respect your need to rest, recuperate, and recognize that you need something else during this time. 

Don’t memorize – write it down 

You’re not expected to know it all, or remember it all. You might have been your own most trustworthy calendar while the baby was still on the way. Now, you need to keep track of all the habits your baby is developing, how your own medical appointments fit into your schedule, and not to mention food preparation, grocery shopping, and the like. 

What may seem like minor chores can pile up in a split second, wreaking havoc on your energy levels, especially on those days when your little rascal decides to be super fussy. To deal with the stress a little better, use a managing allowance app like OurHome to note down your chores and appointments and get automatic reminders in time. This will reduce that feeling of pressure to memorize every little thing you do in a day and give you some “headspace” to focus on your baby and yourself. 


From unburdening a bit of your schedule to actually get a decent amount of sleep, to talking to other new moms out there, the world is full of wisdom waiting for you. Be mindful of your own needs, as well as those of your baby. Listen to your body and communicate with your partner and other family members that are part of your support system. 

Most of all, remember that this is not something mastered in a day. Momhood is an ever-evolving set of skills and knowledge that you’ll develop and pick up over time, most of it unique to your family and situation. Give yourself time and patience, and you’ll enjoy the ups and downs during this mesmerizing journey called motherhood!

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