5 Safe Summer Activities for Moms to Enjoy

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Although school may start soon for many students, it’s still summer! That means you’ll need to entertain your children for a few more weeks. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on movies and books to keep them sane. There are more activities you can try at home and elsewhere — and they’re all perfectly safe despite COVID-19.

Take a look at these ideas to occupy your family.


1. Create a Backyard Campsite


Have you ever camped out as a family? This activity can be an easy way to explore nature if you’re not ready to take an adventure to a national park. It won’t take too much time to set up your campsite. You’ll need an open area for your tent, plus pillows and blankets for anyone who wants to sleep outside — at least until they remember there’s a comfy bed indoors. Make the atmosphere as cozy as you want!


This campout can start early, too — grill a few appetizers for dinner before you roast marshmallows. Of course, you don’t have to do an in-depth activity like this every week. But it’s always fun to have an event to anticipate throughout your week. After one or two home campouts, it’ll be a lot easier to transition to a real campsite when you’re ready to adventure as a family.


2. Take a Picnic to a Park


An ordinary Saturday afternoon can turn into a memorable day with a few touches. This summer, you’ve likely taken several trips to parks and playgrounds. Why not make your trip more enjoyable for your whole family? After all, it’s only so much fun to watch your kids run around all day. A picnic can allow everyone to relax with some lunch as you play games and read books outdoors.


Make sure to pack proper clothes and supplies so that you and your kids stay safe and have fun. You should also choose a picnic spot away from others and remember to avoid crowded playgrounds. These small precautions can help ensure that everyone has a wonderful experience.


3. Put Together a Time Capsule


This year hasn’t been one many people expected. As a result, you’ve probably made many memories at home. You can compile them with your very own time capsule. This project won’t take any more than a day or two. Grab a secure container you can lock. Ask your family to write down their favorite moments from these past few months. They can grab a sentimental object, too.


You can find a spot for your family’s time capsule after you’ve gathered each note and item. Make sure that you’ll have access to this spot later on. Choose a date to retrieve your time capsule. Whether you decide on six weeks, six months or six years, it’s best to stow it for awhile. By then, you won’t be able to remember what you put inside. That’s the whole point!


4. Construct a DIY Water Park


An outdoor water park can keep your kids cool and entertained when it’s warm outside. Plus, it’s a lot safer to recreate some water activities at home than head to your local public pool. You don’t need to have too much space, as a few water guns and water balloons make for a competitive afternoon. Plan your DIY water park for a day that’s not too hot so that everyone stays safe.


You can set up a sprinkler to run through or a makeshift slide to slide down. Try to think about different games to play with your supplies. Water balloon dodgeball, anyone? You could also pick up a small kiddie pool to soak your feet as your kids play. A DIY water park doesn’t require much cleanup, either. After all, it’s only water. But don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen!

5. Build a Homemade Bird Feeder


A family art project can be a memorable way for everyone to bond. If you have younger children, it’s also a fun opportunity to learn about nature. Plus, your kids can design their bird feeder however they please. You can make a bird feeder from almost any material — milk cartons, pine cones and more. Be sure to choose a DIY approach that isn’t too hard for your kids.


You can then locate an ideal spot for your bird feeder. Look for an elevated surface like a tree branch or fence post so that birds can easily access their food. Make sure to take pictures and notes whenever you spot a bird. You can even research facts about local birds. Feel free to resupply your bird feeder until fall when birds fly south for the winter. This activity can be a continuous lesson.


Try These Ideas for a Safe, Enjoyable August


There’s still time left to have fun this summer. Use these suggestions to keep your kids entertained safely until it’s time to return to school.

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