The 5 Best Apps to Help You Meet Mom Friends

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The 5 Best Apps to Help You Meet Mom Friends. Becoming a mom is one of the most exciting things women can go through. That being said, motherhood comes with some challenges, one of them being staying connected to other people as well as making new friends. While raising a child is a rewarding experience, it can get a bit lonely, urging new moms to seek the company of other moms with whom they share their journey.

Fortunately for us, connecting with others has never been easier thanks to technology. Nowadays, there are lots of apps for moms that work on the same principles as dating apps but instead of finding a partner, you’re paired with other like-minded moms based on your profile information. Want to learn more? Here are some of the best apps for new moms that will help you find a mommy match more easily.

Hello Mamas

Heading to a local park or a playground with the intention of meeting new moms sounds like a great idea and something that’s rather easy to do in theory. However, when it comes to actually walking up to someone and meeting them, it can get quite awkward sometimes. Hello Mamas is an app that eliminates the need for those awkward approaches to potential mommy friends. The OkCupid for moms, this app allows you to connect with other moms not based solely on your location, but with your interests in mind as well. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can easily browse through different sections devoted to making mom friends or organizing play dates and connect with like-minded mamas in your area.

Mom Life 

Those parenting struggles are easier to handle when you surround yourself with positivity and support, and Mom Life is an app that makes that possible. It’s basically a judgment-free online zone where you can vent about your day, have a chat in public or private group chats, browse topics that spark your interest, as well as read a lot of interesting and useful parenting content. Regardless of your stage in parenthood, the women you meet on Mom Life will be there for you, whether you’d like to brag, cry, or have a laugh and bond over your #momlife struggles and hardships.



If you’ve ever tried Tinder (and even if you didn’t), you’ll be able to easily navigate this awesome new app for moms called Peanut. How it works basically is you’re shown profiles of different moms, and what you do is you swipe on potential mommy friends until you find a match. After that, you can start messaging each other. What’s so great about Peanut is that it lets moms meet other moms in their area who are at the same stage of parenthood and even live in the same neighborhood, allowing them to skip those awkward in-person introductions and instead start conversations online. All in all, building mom friendships has never been easier.

Smile Mom

The name of the app says it all – if you’re looking to bond over motherhood experiences that will put a smile on your face, try Smile Mom. We can all agree that motherhood can be quite stressful, especially with your first child, which is why it pays to have a couple of tricks up your sleeve when times get rough. Smile Mom lets you share your experiences and advice while getting parenting advice from other moms who went through the same thing before. In addition, this app also lets you sell your baby’s old clothes and items and buy used items from other mamas as well. It’s a great way to give your stuff a second life, especially when you need to clear some space in your little one’s closet.


This one is a bit different because it’s a mixture of a bunch of things. MomCo lets you connect with moms in your area, schedule play dates, help other moms and get support, while also being an app that comes with in-app deals and giveaways you can take advantage of and save money. There are also forums you can scroll through, learn new info and share some as well. With this versatile app, making connections is a child’s play.

Making new friends as a new mom can be tricky once your schedule changes and raising your child becomes your top priority. Nevertheless, it’s important to carve out time for socialization and find friends who share your interests and with whom you can share your exciting journey. These five apps are sure to help you find a mommy soulmate who can relate to your #momlife struggles as well as share some of her own tips and tricks to make child-rearing a bit easier.



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