The Rules of Pursuing Your Passion

Girl Power

Everyone has a passion or a purpose in life, some of us have discovered it and others are still searching. I myself am lucky because I know exactly what it is that I want in this lifetime, I want to continue to create art and make music until I die. This blog is for the creatives and the ambitious women out there moving forward in their dreams. I want to throw some valuable advice that I have learned along the way and other tips I have received from other passion seekers as well.

  1. Go with your gut, always.
  2. Too many opinions will drive you mad, limit sharing your projects and ideas to only those whose knowledge you admire.
  3. Surround yourself with supportive friends and energies WHO believe in your dream.
  4. Understand that if YOU love what you are creating thats all that really matters.
  5. Not everyone has the best interest for you.
  6. Too many hands in the pot can get intense, its better to have a FEW trusting people involved.
  7. Protect yourself and your work by means of copyright and legal matters.
  8. If you are in an intimate relationship, make sure YOU BOTH inspire each other….tit for tat.
  9. Stand up for yourself! You can’t make everyone happy.
  10. Never ever give up!

These lessons I have learned can apply to almost anything. Believe in yourself, you are capable of anything and everything you desire.

Get your voice out there and set the world on fire!!!

Sarah Agajanian
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Sarah Agajanian
Sarah Agajanian is an artist and writer of many forms in Los Angeles, CA. She owns her own business called Rock N' Brows + Makeup in Beverly Hills, holding a reputation as a leading eyebrow sculptor to Hollywoods most elite Her nights are busy with performing/recording her music with her band project ESEMAE. A singer/songwriter/musician she is, determined to express her creative self as much as possible! ESEMAE frequents: The Viper Room, Foundation Room, Harvelles, Bar Lubitsch, Witzend, Troubadour and many more! Follow her on social media for all the music and beauty possible.

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