A Talk with Isabela Moner of “Transformers: The Last Knight”

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When I was invited to the “Transformers: The Last Knight” media day with actress Isabela Moner, I was insanely excited because I truly love the Transformers franchise and the latest film is truly an action-packed summer blockbuster that everyone should see. Filled with an engaging story line and some awesome action-packed sequences, it’s the type of summer movie that demands popcorn, a seat and some serious attention.

According to actress Isabela Moner, who spoke with Dirty and Thirty, the film was super fun to film and she found herself so excited to be included in the movie. The actress, of Peruvian descent, is currently 15 years-old and definitely a powerhouse to watch in Hollywood.

“I am so thankful to be a part of the movie,” said Moner to Dirty and Thirty. “Being cast in it made me truly happy!”

Dirty and Thirty interviewed her in Miami and we were first to ask at the press round-table how exactly the actress prepared for the upbeat action scenes in the film.

“I did a lot of training,” said Moner. “A month and a half of cardio, and this is on a daily basis. Resistance training as well, and I just also did some boxing which I wanted to do because I enjoy it. I had a trainer, from Africa, and his real name is Courage, this is not the translation, it’s his real name, a big guy…and we were best friends for the duration of the training and he really prepared me very well for the film.”

The actress also mentioned that it’s definitely a challenge to get through some of the movie’s signature scenes, some which had her running in some epic heels. Definite girl power!

“Especially when you’re five-feet tall and trying to run!,” she said with a laugh.

The actress also mentioned she studied while on set, managing the filming of Transformers with keeping herself up to date with schoolwork.

“You need to have at least three-hours minimum of school a day, so I would study in the trailer between takes,” said Moner.  “Even if you do like school, it’s a lot of work. From quadratic formulas, to explosions and death! Mentally it’s a big shift but it can be done.”

Moner also mentioned that she first wanted to be like her character in the film, then realized she could relate to her in so many ways.

“At first I wanted to be like her, then I realized we had a lot in common,” she said. “We have a tough exterior where it seems like we are super tough, but we also have a soft spot for family, and it makes her more than just a strong female character, to have a little bit more depth and value, and literal values to her.”

We wish Isabela the best of luck and can’t wait to see what else she will have going on in the world of Hollywood!

Catch “Transformers: The Last Knight” now in theaters and see the trailer for it below!






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