Manifestation Monday. Coffee is for Closers.

Girl Power


Coffee is for closers. 

Remember this scene? From Glengarry Glen Ross? Alec Baldwin before Jack Donaghy of 30 Rock fame? When he was very, very thin? (Although he does yoga now apparently at and has apparently lost 30 pounds.)

Today’s Daily Manifestation Challenge aka The DMC is about Closing.

What are you closing?

Or let me rephrase: What can you visualize yourself closing?

Look. I don’t care if you are a salesman. It’s a metaphor, Dear Manifesters.

It all begins with thought. We are thought.

What can you visualize yourself closing?

My sister bravely shared tonight in her amazing blog, that she is a smoker. ( Me, whose rule in yoga class is: do whatever you want except smoke a cigarette.) My sister Rachel must now imagine herself as an Ex-Smoker. She must visualize how easy it will be, rather than how hard it will be to quit.

She is closing being a smoker.

In her mind she has closed that deal. Done. Coffee time.

Those of you struggling perhaps with wanting to lose weight, imagine yourself at the weight you’d like to be and be in the feeling of what that would be like.Close that!

It’s about closing a deal.

Doing the deed.

Visualizing it. Saying “And So It Is.”

In the comment section below, add what you are closing and then drink yo’ coffee! Coffee is for closers and you, Dear Manifester, are a closer! 

I am closing:

~The Good Morning America deal. ( Trust me, as soon as I know the date I will let you all know. I promise.)

~My book. I am closing the deal on my book. I am having it published and it will inspire people everywhere. Done. And so it is.

~Writing for Oprah magazine. Excited for my Manifestation column!

Manifest Your Life,

One Laugh at a Time,

& keep closing.

Keep closing!

xo Jen (@manifestyogajen on twitter)

PS, coffee is for closers.

I have to go. My coffee is getting cold. And by coffee I mean pinot noir.


Jennifer Pastiloff
I am a lover of life, laughter, poetry, yoga and a really good glass of wine. I created Manifestation Yoga, which is all about causing serious breakthroughs in your life without being too serious. My rule of “If you fall you must laugh and take down your neighbor” is Strictly enforced! I teach all over Los Angeles and also in Philadelphia & NJ at Dhyana Yoga. I travel the world teaching workshops and leading retreats. My nephew Blaise was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Prader Wille Syndrome (PWS) which prompted me to start GAME Yoga. Gifts And Miracles Everyday: Free Yoga for Kids w/ Special Needs. It’s also a really good excuse for me to be around kids whom I generally loved more than the average adult. I am also a poet, and in the process of writing a book. I firmly believe that you can manifest whatever it is you want in your life. I am partially deaf and wear hearing aids. I spent 13 years working in the same restaurant and I believe that everyone should have a job in the service industry at least once in their life. It’s good for the soul.
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