Why Ladies Should Be Software Developers (And How to Become One)

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For years, the IT sector was a boys’ club.

However, times are changing. The number of ladies entering the software development industry is growing.

Over the past few years, many “Women in Tech” events were hosted to encourage ladies to enter this predominantly male-dominated field.

Many tech companies are dedicated to enhancing gender equality. At Netflix, women make up 47% of all employees.

Let’s discuss why you can and should embark on a tech career.

Are Men Better Programmers than Women?

The answer to this question is a loud NO. In fact, stats show that women superior software developers. 

The study conducted by GitHub found that the approval rate of codes provided by women was 78.6%, compared to the 74.6% approval rate of codes written by men. 

Famous Women in the Software Development Sector

Many famous female developers have been reshaping the IT sector for decades. Their success stories only confirm that women are true queens of the software development industry. 

  • Julia Liuson

She joined Microsoft right after graduation. Her largest contribution is in Visual Studio that is widely used by Windows application developers. Today, she is the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Visual Studio. 

  • Marissa Mayer

Marisa Mayer’s career started at Google as their first female engineer. She contributed to the creation of many products, such as Google Maps or Gmail. In 2012, she was appointed president and CEO of Yahoo. A few years ago, Mayer launched Lumi Labs that focuses on artificial intelligence and consumer media. 

  • Jade Raymond

Video games are considered the most male-dominated area. But, what if we told you that many popular games, such as The Sims Online, Watch Dogs, or the Assassin’s Creed series, were produced by a woman? Her name is Jade Raymond, and she is an awarded video game producer. 

What Is It Like to Be a Woman in IT?

The number of professionals shifting into the IT sector is growing. Research studies show that 89% of people who changed careers into the tech industry did so in pursuit of more money. 

While tech jobs pay well, it is far from being their only benefit. There are many perks of being a woman in the tech industry:

Tech offers consistent learning and career advancement opportunities.

If you are a nerd by nature and love working on exciting projects, IT will provide you with a continuous learning curve. In this fast-paced industry, you can never master your skills, as there is always something new appearing on the horizon. 

IT provides more flexibility. 

In many tech companies, employees are not restricted to a 9-to-5 working time. Their employees can often adapt their work hours to their specific needs and obligations. For example, if you are a single mom working from home, a career in IT may offer you more flexibility.

The skills and knowledge are transferable. 

In software development, it is all about ones and zeros. They translate to any company, industry, and country. Therefore, once you gain relevant coding skills, you can work for any international company right from your home.

The demand for software developers is growing. 

The best thing is that employers do not require you to have a traditional degree in Computer Science. Research says that 44% of software developers in the US have no related academic qualification. While 41% have a Bachelor’s degree, only 12% of them have a Master’s degree.

How to Become a Female Software Developer?

  • Do not Let the Lack of Academic Qualification Discourage You

Two out of three software developers are self-taught. Therefore, even if you have no coding experience or college degree in Computer Sciences, that should not discourage you. 

If you have passion, commitment, and clear goals, nothing will stop you from entering the world of software development. 

For starters, pick the area of IT you like the most and choose a coding training program to back you up. For example, if you are passionate about the AWS Cloud Value Framework, your first goal is to enroll in reliable and accredited AWS courses for beginners. 

  • Be Patient

Changing a career takes time and practice. Therefore, do not overwhelm yourself by setting high goals or taking on a bunch of new things at once. 

Grow your skills gradually and be patient as you learn. Listen to yourself and learn at your own pace to avoid burning out.

  • Know your Value

When things get tough, ask yourself: “How can my current skills help my software development career?” For example, if you have been a marketing or sales expert for years, you know how your target audience thinks and behaves. One day, you will be able to create highly user-centric software that wins your customers’ hearts.


Embarking on a career in software development may be tough, but it is also rewarding. Are there any tips on starting an IT career you would like to share?

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