Girl Power In The World of Digital Media

Girl Power

Girl Power In The World of Digital Media 

Elisabeth Recheis, as the ultimate Power Woman and Multimedia Expert is the influential voice as well as success behind many charity organizations, brands, productions, actors, blogs and tech startups.

Social Media is growing more and more to be every business’s biggest opportunity. Elisabeth Recheis was one of the first women to acknowledge this thriving opportunity and built her company June Media Consulting around helping other businesses to successfully tell their story on social media with the goal to gain awareness and earn revenue.

“Not only do I love diving into new subjects with every client, but also the diversity of organizations and people I get to work with. I can’t think of anything more fulfilling and empowering than making a difference as well as creating change through the power of social media. It really is of great importance to me to create content/video content that is about enriching and improving the world. ”

Alongside Good Amplified CEO and hell-bent Do-Gooder Amber J Lawson Recheis is helping nonprofits like Make A Wish, Our Better World, DKMS, Teen Cancer America and many more to score traffic on Social Media, especially YouTube. “After just two months of working with Teen Cancer America, they could see their subscribers soar by 45 percent.” One of the reasons why an outstanding Social Media Presence really is critical for charities, is because millennials, who are taking over the workforce, are doing everything on Social Media and they donate with their eyes. “If your organization is not on Social Media, then you don’t exist to them.” In other words Social Media, especially YouTube is quickly becoming a mecca for finding the cause-driven donors of the future.

Elisabeth is not only working with charities, she also acts as Multimedia Expert for production companies with a big Live Stream component and Actors, to only name a few more of her diverse clients.

“It is such a pleasure and is giving me true joy to be creative and strategic at the same time when creating fun, engaging content/video content for amazing companies like Knekt Tv and the super talented actress Melanie Paxson.”

Having the heart of a Do-Gooder Elisabeth is using her Digital Media knowledge and experience to make a difference and help her clients to build awareness as well as earn revenue. Recheis truly is a leader in the world of Digital Media and will without a doubt be continuing to make an impact as Multimedia Expert.


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