5 Strategies for Establishing Your Ecommerce Fashion Brand in 2021

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If we’ve learned anything business-wise during 2020, it’s that online shopping, especially in the apparel section, is booming! As a result, many eager womanpreneurs and girl bosses are doing their best to enter this lucrative, but competitive market, both locally and globally. Whether you want to launch your very own fashion label, or you have an authentic fashion store idea for the digital realm, 2021 is the year to make it happen.

Before you rush to set up a website and proudly show your brilliant fashion brand to the world, you’ll need to set the stage for success with the right strategic approach. Here, we’ll suggest several of the most essential steps you’ll need to take in order to establish your very own ecommerce fashion brand this year and succeed! 

Determine your difference

There are so many fashion brands out there, what do you have to offer that will attract a person to buy a little black dress or a pair of jeans from you? Even more so, what will get them to come back for more once they do give you that first chance? Your unique value proposition, your core brand difference – that’s your main selling point that you need to establish before you do anything else.

To set your brand apart from the crowd and to overcome many obstacles on your journey as a womanpreneur, you’ll need to define what makes your brand different. It can be your ecological impact, your social responsibility, your transparency in your workforce selection – you name it. As long as you communicate it clearly through your brand identity, you’ll find people who will share those values with you. 

Set up your budget from day one

If an idea were enough to succeed in business, everyone would be an entrepreneur. You need proper funding and budget stability from the very beginning to break even, let alone to turn a profit in the first several years of running your business. 

Fortunately, the digital world is brimming with all kinds of solutions. Tools like PlanGuru and QuickBooks help lady leaders define, track, and commit to a realistic budget for their brands. Take good care of your budget through top-notch accounting and money management tools, and you’ll stand a much better chance to succeed. 

Build a powerful digital presence

Now that you’ve settled on what makes your brand different, and you have a budget to work with, it’s time to put that UVP into a wholesome representation of your brand identity. You need a fully optimized ecommerce store that will serve as a dedicated digital platform for communicating your values, sharing your content, and engaging with your audience.

Experts like AdVisible specialize in setting up websites that meet the latest industry criteria and help you position your brand better in the online world. Design a website that will perfectly reflect your core brand purpose, but that will also be user-friendly and built in accordance with the latest search engine requirements to rank properly. 

Spread the word

Marketing and advertising are two powerful strategies that every fashion brand needs to survive in this competitive world. Making yourself known starts with fashion-oriented SEO tactics that will help you optimize your website continuously. You’ll greatly contribute to a better ranking for your brand by publishing quality, optimized content on your site, too.

Add to that, make sure your social media presence is linked with your website and that you’re doing your best in the customer engagement aspect of your business. Paid ads are a great way to push your brand in front of more people who meet your core criteria, but ongoing marketing campaigns that boost your organic reach are better for your brand for the long haul. 

Collaborate with relevant names

As mighty and empowered as you might be, there’s no need to go it alone. In fact, the most successful fashion brands nowadays are the ones that find their long-standing partnerships early on and build them on the right values. Whether you start hiring global talent to help you market and build your brand presence or you work with influencers to promote it, you’re on the right track.

Depending on your niche and your brand vision, you can find local influencers on networks like AspireIQ and start creating a strategy that will leverage their online presence to your advantage, and vice versa. Go for fewer influencers with meaningful bonds to your brand than a massive network of people who won’t genuinely connect with you or your audience. 


Although there are so many other strategies fashion womanpreneurs will use to their advantage, these are some of the most essential ones to build your own success from the moment you kick-start your business. Take these tips to heart, join the playing field, and start building a name for yourself and your fashion vision for years to come. 

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