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For so long now, women have traditionally been put in jobs that were associated with homemaking and caring. They are often employed as cleaners, nurses, or simply become stay-at-home moms. While these are all worthy and rewarding jobs, they aren’t exactly going to take you very far in your career. Historically, all of the most important and ambitious careers have been reserved for men. Thankfully, though, that is all starting to change. These days, more women are trying to move into powerful roles within careers that can have a huge effect on society. Women are now making some very important decisions within various industries, and this is having many positive consequences on society.

So, do you want to help change the world and move into a powerful career? Here are some of the best career paths for powerful women.

Work With The Police

Lots of women are now becoming police officers in an attempt to help clean up their local area and make it a safer space. In order to get a job in the police force, you will need to take part in a few physical tests. This is just to see if you would be strong enough in certain situations. If you pass these and take one of the associates in criminal justice courses, then you will be well on your way to joining the police. Once you pass, you will receive some on-the-job training so that you quickly learn how to deal with a few different situations and scenarios that the police force regularly encounter.


Go Into The Armed Forces

You might also be interested in joining the armed forces. There are lots of reasons why women sign up, and it’s not just because they are patriots. Many people find life in the armed forces appealing, because they are interested in the camaraderie and teamwork that come with living with others in the forces. Not only that, though, but life in the forces is very structured, which is something that a quite a few people thrive off. It can also really improve your physical fitness as well. You will need to work out on a daily basis so that you are fit enough to take part in all the basic drills and so that you are always prepared for a combat situation.


Become A CEO

Another job that comes with a lot of power is working as a CEO. In order to become a CEO (chief executive officer), you will need to either set up your own company or work your way through a business’s hierarchy and end up in their top-tier management. Once you are a CEO, you will have a very big say in the day-to-day running of the company. You might even be invited to join its board. Once you are in this position, you will become a very well-respected individual within your local business community, and not just in the company in which you work.

Work In Research

If you have always loved science, you could move into a research career. This could require you to go back to university or college, though, in order to get a few more qualifications. That’s because most academic researchers need to be post-graduates or even post-doctorates. There are quite a lot of researchers that work in medicine and healthcare, and they are continually trying to come up with new diagnostic methods and treatments for a while range of diseases and health conditions. If you were to work in one of those fields, you will certainly be doing some good for society. There are other fields of research that you might be interested to work in, including psychology and physics.


Be A Writer

Is there anything more powerful than spreading views and opinions that can change the way people view their lives and the world in which they live? If your positive views can help to improve society, then you might want to become a writer so that you are able to spread them. The best way to become a writer these days is to start a blog. This can help you improve your writing skills, but it also provides you with a portfolio that you can show to editors when you start pitching. Once you do send out some pitches to online and print publications, make sure your pitch is strong and that it has a timely hook. You should also explain why you are the best person to write about the topic. There are lots of great online guides to pitching, and they are very worth checking out so that you can hone your pitching skills.

Get Into Healthcare

I’ve already said that nursing was a traditional career choice for women, but why not try to go against the curve by becoming a doctor or other health specialist? This is one way to be at the very front of healthcare, giving patients in need the diagnosis and treatments that they require. You will also need to provide all of your patients with plenty of emotional and moral support, which is something that women particularly excel at.

Work In The Legal System

I’ve already mentioned that working in the police force is a fantastic power career for women, but moving into the legal system is a very similar option as well. You will be able to train as a lawyer and then, after working your way up through this career, you might have the chance to become a judge. You will then be responsible for ensuring that justice is properly served to the individuals who come through your court.


Lots of empowered women find that working as a teacher is extremely rewarding as it gives them the chance to employer the younger generations.  If you want to teach teenagers or adult learners, you will need to specialize in a subject and gain a teacher-training qualification for this specific subject. Thankfully, teaching is a relatively easy career to move into in later life.


Be powered by your career!

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