Halloween Horror Nights: The Festival of the Deadliest

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There’s nothing like an event at Universal Orlando Resort, and this year’s Halloween Horror Nights proves that the theme park and resort has definitely outdone themselves once again.

I was one of the lucky few to attend the media event introducing Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights: Festival of the Deadliest. I was blessed to stay at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort and we were treated to a welcome reception where we were introduced to all the frights fans of the event can experience this year. The experience is one you certainly do not want to miss!

The haunted houses this year include the following, so step in if you dare. Below are details from the official Universal press release, along with what I thought of each experience. I recommend coming early and beating the long lines, for this event is so popular that fans flock to the park to attend it and the lines grow as the evening progresses…but they are so worth the wait!

  • Feel the wrath of the disturbing “Raspers” and infamous serial killer Bloody Face from Asylum, fearsome Salem witches and their bloody rivalry within Coven, and the ghosts of the blood moon in Roanoke from FX’s groundbreaking anthology “American Horror Story.” This house was certainly my favorite and I enjoyed the thrills I experienced in there.
  • Succumb to the overwhelming “shine” and the murderous ghosts inhabiting the eerie Overlook Hotel from “Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.” I am a big fan of the film, and can attest that this house will make you feel like you are caught in some of the film’s key moments!
  • Fight to survive “Jigsaw’s” scariest game yet, featuring infamous traps from the legendary film series and the upcoming eighth installment JIGSAW, inside “SAW: The Games of Jigsaw.” If you are a fan of SAW, you will not be disappointed by this experience.
  • Fend off demonic Deadites alongside Ash Williams and his trusty chainsaw from the STARZ Original Series “Ash vs Evil Dead.” This was also an amazing house, filled with twists and turns, fun moments and frights.
  • Attempt to escape the clutches of the menacing demon Bughuul from the Sinister franchise; a gang of bloodthirsty home invaders from the inaugural installment of The Purge; and Insidious’ paralyzing Lipstick-Face Demon along with the hauntings from Dr. Rainier’s nightmarish childhood in “The Horrors of Blumhouse.” Make sure to visit this house, which attracted extra long lines the evening we were there.
  •  Step inside the twisted minds behind the nation’s premier Halloween event in four haunted houses based on spine-chilling original stories. These I will not disclose, because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you!And there’s even more horror lurking in the streets of Universal Studios Florida with five unique “scare zones,” two of which are based on two celebrated horror films –Trick ‘r Treat and The Purge – as well as three haunting original concepts. I especially loved these scare zones, because the visuals were gorgeous and you can tell the Universal team went out of their way to make them stunning and surprising for their guests.Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights will also feature two incredible live shows. This year, Academy of Villains returns for a second consecutive year with an all-new show, ACADEMY OF VILLAINS: AFTERLIFE – incorporating fearsome elements from this year’s Festival of the Deadliest “scare zone.” Plus, after 26 years of Excellent Halloween Adventures, Bill and Ted are bringing their Farewell Tour to Halloween Horror Nights to review this year’s most outrageous moments.I was able to experience the Bill and Ted show, which had me completely jamming out to classic and new tunes and experiencing pop culture like never before. You won’t be disappointed with this farewell experience!For 34 select nights through November 4, visitors can experience theme park thrills by day and terrifying horror film chills by night at Halloween Horror Nights. For more information and to experience it, click here.

    Thanks to the team at Universal Orlando Resort for allowing us to attend and we look forward to many more amazing events at the park! Have a great and spooky Halloween season!


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