Woman Crush Wednesday: Valerie Tosi

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I’m moving my blog up a day this week so I can take the time to highlight the achievements of someone who truly deserves it! I’ve known Val for many years now, and though we don’t often see each other I follow her and her career on social media. Recently she began writing, directing, producing and starring in her own comedic web series. It’s a spoof of the women’s sex talk shows of the nineties, and it’s hilarious!

Entitled “Afterglow: with Dr. Persephone Morningwood”, each episode follows Valerie as the title sex expert while she interviews a man or woman about sex problems…while they sit in bed together. Ms. Tosi calls on her considerable comedy chops to create a memorable and distinct character. Not only that, but her writing is downright brilliant! Check out Valerie’s YouTube channel and specifically the Afterglow web series. You won’t be sorry!


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