What We Can Learn From ‘Bachelor Pad’ – Are You Overly Emotional and Insecure

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Last night Bachelor Pad put the ‘guilty’ in guilty pleasure.  We all watched as two women who have desperately been vying for the attention of one man ultimately drove him into the arms of another more ‘fun’ woman.  Yes I know it’s Reality TV, but it brings up a hot topic that is applicable to all relationships.  No one wants to be in a relationship, romantic or platonic, with someone who is overly emotional and insecure.  It is absolutely, as Chris puts it, OVERWHELMING and no fun!!!

For those of you who don’t watch the show let me break it down for you.  Blakelee and Chris are partners in the game, meaning they hope to make it to the end together and win the $250,000.  Blakelee has been extremely demanding since day one and constantly needs reassurance from everyone in the house about everything.  She requires never-ending emotional support from Chris and drags him into long repeat discussions where he has to promise over and over that he has her back.  Almost immediately he regrets his decision to play the game with who he thought would be a strong player.  Her insecurity and high maintenance emotions become unbearable … so he goes in search of someone he can ‘enjoy’ spending time with.  He winds up stealing a kiss from Jamie.

Oh Jamie, instead of keeping things easy breezy she immediately flips the switch into needy.  A perfect example, cut to Chris saying “I want to touch her boobs.”  Then we see the two of them cuddling and Jamie repeatedly asking “Do you like me?”  Well yes he likes you!  Enough to be with you in that moment – don’t ruin it by being emotional and insecure.  Of course at the very beginning of something new we all want to feel good about yourselves and it is natural to seek reassurance.  But …… keep your cool people! CONFIDENCE IS SEXY!  Confidence will help you professionally and romantically. 

Ultimately Chris becomes so exasperated by his overbearing partner in the game and his attention hungry hookup that he marathon sprints into the arms of a new woman, Sarah. As he puts it: “Blakelee and Jamie are very emotional.  Where as Sarah just brings light and fun.”  At the end of the day we are all seeking relationships that are fun and easy.  Yes relationships take work, but as we get older we start to be more selective with who we want to spend time with.  And we cut ties with people we’ve been super close with if they are simply too emotionally draining.  Life is too short!  We can all benefit from bringing the light and fun!  Your mission today is to spread love and positivity 🙂

And if you want to get your guilty pleasure on catch Bachelor Pad Mondays at 8pm on ABC!

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  1. What would be a great experiment would be to put the whole cast on Xanax and see if the outcome is the same. The insecurity and neediness is caused by anxiety, remove the anxiety from the equation what watch happens. I would be curious to see if how much of the drama is removed.

  2. P.s. I saw the latest Bourne film Bourne Legacy and no spoilers here, just one of the underlying sub-plots is the protagonist is searching for his meds. So on the next Beachelor if the producers put them all on Xanax and the show looks drama free and unentertaining than they could just ask one of the cast members to go off the Xanax just to create more drama and entertainment value. So it could work in theory.

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