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If you operate a tight work schedule and value your time, there is no better way to fly than on a private jet. Contrary to popular belief, many jet plane owners did not purchase them to show off their wealth – they did it to avoid the stress of airports.

Long queues, delayed flights, and noisy travelers are just a few of the frustrations of commercial travel you get to avoid with a private jet charter. Not to mention that private jet charters can also be competitively priced, when booked in advance with a group of people.

Once you have your private jet charter ready to go, the first question most people ask is what to wear. There are no major rules when picking your travel outfit, but here are a few things to consider to help you make the best decision.

Whose plane is it?

When you are the one booking a private jet, feel free to wear any form of clothing you desire. The unwritten rule is you should not look too inappropriate, but you would not be turned back from the flight as long as you are actually fully clothed.

If someone else booked the flight or owns the jet plane – your employer, business partner etc. – you need to dress as you would if you were being invited to their office. If you can show up for meetings in flip flops, then do the same on the private jet. Otherwise, dress appropriately.

What is the purpose of the flight?

Business or pleasure? This is probably the most important question to ask when trying to determine what to wear on a private jet. In other words, you should dress for the occasion. A business trip requires a formal dress code, though most people don’t have a problem with this.

It is when flyers let their hair down and dress too casually that confusion sets in. Can you travel in a bikini, beach shorts and tank top, or pajamas? Just because you are going on holiday does not mean you have to get changed before the flight.

Besides being gated, the flight itself will get cold, which then becomes a health hazard if you are not properly dressed.

Where are you headed?

The climate you will be arriving in is another important factor to consider when choosing an outfit for your private jet charter. If you are expecting drastic temperature changes, wear outfits you can easily add to or subtract from on the flight.

On some private jet charters you are only allowed one piece of carry-on luggage, so make sure your change of clothes can fit into that bag.

How long is the flight?

Long flights can get uncomfortable and dangerous. The danger comes from sitting for too long (over four hours). If your trip will take that long, consider wearing compression socks or compression tights.

Certain clothes can also begin to feel uncomfortable after a while, especially as the changes in atmospheric pressure begin to take their toll.

Must have clothing for every flight

For the trendy flyer, you probably already know what to wear on your private jet charter. For those in doubt, here are a few items you should always have:


  • Sunglasses


Not only are they fashionable, but they are also practical. When you come off a long flight and your makeup has dried out or you are trying to hide your face from paparazzi, sunglasses come in handy.


  • A hat


Everybody needs a hat for every occasion. Whether you are travelling in summer or winter, to Cancun or the Swiss Alps, you will always need a hat. Just like glasses, they also help conceal your appearance and your hair. If you like, you can take just one hat for your destination’s weather.


  • Dark jeans


You can never go wrong with dark jeans, unless it is a very strict business deal. Dark jeans are easy to match with tops, always look trendy, and will help if turbulence or over excitement knock the red wine out of your hands.


  • Loafers


The most sensitive parts of your body when flying are your feet. Sitting for too long means blood will not circulate through your legs properly, which can cause stiffness or blood clots. You therefore need shoes that will enable you to walk around freely on the plane and also take off easily if needed, provided your feet don’t smell of course!

Making the most of your private jet charter

A final rule on dressing is not to try and overdo it. As opulent and glamorous as flying on a private jet is, you do not have to match it by wearing every piece of jewellery you own.

The bottom-line on how to look on a private jet charter is this: dress in a way that makes you feel good. If it’s good enough for you, it should be good enough for everybody else.

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