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Whether you are saving for that dream holiday or simply trying to get out of debt, having a side hustle can help you achieve your goals sooner rather than later. A good side hustle is a flexible way of bringing in extra cash outside of your full-time job, studies, or home duties, with the bonus of gaining valuable experience in running a business. The great thing about generating side income is that most viable business ideas don’t require a huge setup investment or specialized skill set, which makes them super easy, fast ways of boosting your income to make ends meet.

There are lots of other hidden benefits to creating a side hustle, too, such as a renewed confidence and sense of purpose, and the realization that diversifying your income streams makes a lot of economic sense. If you enjoy your side hustle enough and it makes enough to cover the bills, it can even become your primary source of income.

As we still live in an age where women earn less than men, it is more important than ever for females to design their own lifestyles and take control of their earnings by creating the perfect side business.

So, where do you start on your quest to financial freedom? Some of the more straightforward ways of boosting your income can be started as soon as this weekend. If you are the sort of person who loves trawling around thrift stores or junkyards, upcycling old furniture could be the hustle for you. Picking out dusty old pieces of furniture and seeing their potential worth is a skill in itself, however, be prepared to use some elbow grease to restore that piece to its former glory, which is where the real value lies. There is also big business in finding and selling vintage and retro clothes, though this is becoming more difficult due to the sheer demand of people on the hunt for potential bargains, so it’s a good idea to make sure you know your stuff before jumping into this.

It seems that every woman and her dog are setting up dog walking businesses these days, but for a good reason. There are plenty of well-paying customers who are looking for the perfect, trustworthy person to take care of their beloved pet during the day. Pet sitting and holiday boarding services are often extremely well-paid, so provided you are able to have pets in your home, this may be something worth looking into.

If you love to craft, consider setting up an Etsy shop for your creations, as this will provide you with a storefront and access to customers all over the world. Beautifully embroidered t-shirts and funky crocheted blankets are super popular at the moment, so if you are at a loss for what to create, make sure you do a bit of research about your market and find out which items are the most popular. Those who are good at explaining their craft could teach people how to do it themselves by offering online courses through a website or via Skype. A great way to kick start a teaching business is to offer free tutorials for simple items via a YouTube channel first to attract interest and then upsell to your online courses after you have created the traffic. This can take a while, though, so don’t expect a huge audience overnight!

There are also plenty of freelancing websites available that offer paid gigs for writing, graphic design, translation, illustration, and video editing. It is worth checking out PeoplePerHour to see if this could be a viable side hustle for you. With the rise of online services, there is also an increase in demand for good virtual assistants to whom many entrepreneurs outsource their jobs. These jobs usually involve administrative tasks such as database entry, online research, and bookkeeping, which are vital to keeping a business running. Becoming a self-employed virtual assistant is also a great way to learn the entrepreneurial ropes while on the job, which means you will be able to easily apply the lessons you have learned to your own business.

It’s important to remember that creating a good side hustle is also about having the right mindset. It might be easy enough to set up a business, but being a successful business owner requires a certain set of mental skills, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and tactical mental games such as poker or chess. Meditation helps to create a calm, rational and mindful approach to decision-making in business, while regular tactical competition demonstrates how to calculate risk, deal with pressure, learn adaptability, and develop optimism, which is key for winning. Including these practices in your weekly schedule could mean that your side hustle may turn out to be your new career.

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