Job Options For When You’re Tired Of Being Broke

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Job Options For When You’re Tired Of Being Broke

You might be 30-something, glamorous, and living in your dream house on a quiet street with everything that would’ve blown your 22-year-old self right out of the water. Or life might have been a little tough. It happens both ways. But if you’re finding it harder to pay your bills than relate to your boss, and the girl boss articles aimed at manager level employees go right over your reach, then some of these basic jobs might be good for you to take a look at. Here’s how you can make a livable wage without many requirements:

Some Jobs Are Everywhere and Don’t Need a Ton of Training

The average woman, who is 35-40, is making $859 a week  — and even less money if she’s under 35. That’s about $21.50 an hour. You can jump up to her level a couple of ways. The post office starts at 20 bucks an hour and all you have to do is pass a few very basic tests. It’s not a dream job, but if you are struggling and making under twenty an hour, it might be time to jump ship. Even super basic jobs that you may consider “beneath your brain power” pay surprisingly well: truck driver, corrections officer, or concrete pump operator are all basic jobs that start around twenty bucks an hour. You can live off that.

It may seem silly to jump down to truck driver, but if you’re staring down the gun of unpaid internships and an indeterminate future or just graduated high school and don’t want to try school, it’s a viable solution to keep yourself solvent.

Some Jobs Are Slightly Tougher (But Pay Off!)

Okay, so you want to make a little more than average? That 20 bucks an hour not cutting it?

You could jump up a little more and make more money with a little bit of education. It’s not even that much to pop up a pay grade. A degree in nursing or radiation technology could mean an extra ten thousand dollars a year, and it could be even more. Not a bad sum of cash considering that both can be two-year degrees. If you’re not sure what you want to do with your time, why not take a two-year class and make some money while you’re still in that youthful “wandering” stage of your life. You could even go with a one-year course, like training to be an electrical lineman, which also has a starting salary of 70K.

Going back to school seems like some unaccomplishable life shift, but it could be a year, two years, and a five hundred percent return on investment in the first year. Taking a big jump into a little more money and a lot more security shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you can commit yourself to improving your life.


It’s hard to find where you belong in the world. Jobs can suck, jobs can be great, or they can be a place you go to be bored and make money. If you are looking for cash and finding your bliss in the future, a career that doesn’t inspire you, but gives you money can help you out.
Guest Post by Mary A. Grace

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