DirtyandThirty.com’s Stuart Brazell sits down with Showtime’s ‘Gigolos’ Star Steven Gantt to talk career, the show, and of course SEX!

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You are currently filming Season 3 of the Showtime show ‘Gigolos’, what’s in store for your viewers?

We are set to film Season 3 fairly soon and the best I can offer as far as what’s in store is: shaking things up a little bit!

How have you dealt with the fame that comes with being on a TV show, especially a show like ‘Gigolos’?

Fame, ha well it’s a little different than I’d imagined it would be. Its humbling how people now look up to me, which I try to use in a way to add a little bit of encouragement and happiness to I come in contact with. I remember the first time someone chased me down and said “You’re that guy from that show, I love you” It was a little shocking and sweet in an odd way.

I’d say if anything it amplifies both the good and bad in life, you have people who root you on and people who try to bring you down – just more so being in the public eye.

When you were first approached to the show, what was your immediate reaction?

“Verbatim? “Are you going to pay me?” (a little laughter) I thought it would be (potentially) a good vehicle to lead me to bigger and better things.

What’s it like working with Richard Grieco?

It is almost laughable, I mean I grew up watching him on ’21 Jump Street’ (which I can’t believe they turned into a movie btw), but he is a good person on a soul-ullar level so that was what impressed me most.

How do you get along with the other guys?  Do you hang out when you’re not filming?

We get along. In any walk of life, in any job you have, there are those you relate more to than others. Being that we all are trying to jump start our own separate business ventures, it makes “hanging out” in between filming sometimes hard.  But when our schedules permit, yes we do – and it usually has trouble written all over it when more than 2 of us go out together though, haha.

How would your cast members describe you?

Sarcastic, Quiet and all around genuine person.

How did you get into your current line of work?

Oh that was covered in season 1 and frankly has too much of a back story for print, so those of you that missed it, go buy Gigolos on DVD 😉

How’s your love life?

Love life, heck I don’t even remember what that is anymore, amusingly enough I’m single, focused on re-branding myself and getting into a few other endeavors. That’s not to say that I don’t want one, I simply don’t have one and don’t plan on settling just to have someone to keep me company at night.

What advice can you give to the average guy to be a better lover?

Be attentive, LISTEN to women, not only with your ears, there’s innuendo, body language and little hints dropped along the way. Watch some old Cary Grant, Clark Gable and Rock Hudson movies, try to emulate THAT kind of man versus Mike Sorrentino.

What makes a woman a good lover?

Realize that men are simple. (no, I mean simpler than that) If your man busts his butt to provide for you, just do something simple for him, have a bath waiting for him when he gets home. (not everyday because then it becomes expected and mundane) Lets put it this way, women like to get flowers for no reason other than to say “I thought of you and well I love you” as blunt as it may seem, give your man a blow job just because it’s Tuesday – oh and enthusiasm is key – no one likes a sad blowjob.

How many orgasms do you think you’ve had? 🙂

In my life or just today? 🙂

What’s your dream job?

Oddly enough its not so much a job per se, but I am the eternal rooter for the underdog. Life, as you all know (hopefully) is hard enough just on the day to day – minus all of the external bs that comes and goes into our lives.  Sometimes people just get stuck in a rut or are dealt a crap hand in life and heck if I can in some way help them better their lives, then THAT seems to be something worth leaving behind when we die. So its not a dream job, its just the mark I want to leave on the world. My job as is is most men’s dream job but life should have more meaning than what you do for work – its about character and who you are that defines you.

What’s next for you?

Well I’m working on a clothing and fragrance line amongst a few other hush hush things, just keep your eyes peeled because with any luck you’ll be seeing a lot more of me.

Where can we stalk you?  (FB, twitter, website …. )






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  1. Heath says:

    I want to know how many orgasm’s Steven had today. 😉

  2. D. Dye says:

    Yay to hearing there is a Season 3! Woot-Woot!

    Love the show. Friends are addicted too! Last weekend was a riot. I was at a conf in Florida and was getting tweets and emails from friends…”Guess who we just saw?” Then they proceeded to rub in they ran into you.

    The business ventures you’ve mentioned here as well as at StevenEGantt.com sound wonderful and I have no doubt will be huge successes for you. But keep saying yes to more seasons of Gigolos! *wink*

    D. Dye

    • Auth says:

      Mike,First off, and I address these later on in the post, there are a few comtenms you made that were borderline to full-blown victim blaming. I am in no way, shape, or form interested in turning this into a thread where I discuss victim blaming with commenters. Because you’ve been mostly polite and you seem interested in real conversation, I won’t delete this comment, but if I see any more victim blaming in future comtenms I won’t hesitate to remove the entire comment in question.It wouldne2€™t no more seem right to prosecute her for rape than it would be for me to shoot a caged tiger after I reached my arm into its cage and punched it in the face and it bit my hand off.I disagree with your likening of human beings to beasts. Although I’ve never seen it applied to a woman, that kind of rhetoric has been widely used in Western culture to get men off the hook for rape of all kinds, among other things. Leaving off the fact that it’s insulting to state that men (or, in your case, women) in that instance are reduced to beasts lead solely by their hormones, it’s a harmful precedent to set.The problem comes in when e2€œdate rapee2€9d is expanded beyond drugging someone and then taking advantage of their being passed out or so high that they couldne2€™t possibly be even remotely coherent.The only real difference in the acceptable definition for date rape and the unacceptable one is that in one case only one party is drunk and the other case both are. And because in terms of the kind of date rape you’re talking about one of the hinges of consent is level of intoxication (ie. whether or not the victim was mentally capable of giving consent), I could understand taking that into account when determining the situation.However, you are treading dangerously close to victim blaming by your assertion that the drunk woman in the [not] date rape hypothetical situation was acting flirtatiously . 1) Who gets to decide whether or not the girl was acting flirtatiously ? I know that I, for one, have been accused of flirting with guys on many occasions when I was just trying to be friendly; and 2) Even assuming attraction, flirting, and going back to the guy’s room that doesn’t mean that sex is a given. They could be making out, groping each other, and giving each other hand jobs and sex still wouldn’t be a given.It’s an easy thing to say that women should avoid nonchalantly [putting themselves] in harme2€™s direct line of sight , but the reality of that statement is that it is totally subjective. Even with your experience of sexual harassment (and, yes, that kind of predatory behaviour is often a precursor to sexual assault and/or rape), you don’t really understand what it is to live in a culture where strangers think it’s their business to tell you how if you do this or that you’re asking for sexual violence.so no jokes about me being perfectly willing if she were gorgeous.I don’t know if you intended it, but you’ve just perfectly illustrated part of the rape culture we live in: the myth that all men are, at all times, willing to fuck a gorgeous woman. The fact that you wanted to preempt any jokes speaks volumes as well; it is a given in our society that any man who would pass up sex with a remotely attractive woman is deserving of ridicule.That fear of ridicule not only works against men who are victims of sexual violence (both perpetrated by women and other men) by shaming them into silence, but it also serves to reinforce the boys will be boys myth that is an intrinsic part of rape culture.This in turn causes a lot of men to be skeptical when a woman claims to be really raped.Actually, I’d say that most people being ignorant on the actual facts about the basic definition of rape (ie. non-con sex), the actual number of fake reports, and the actual legal definitions of rape (and what is, and is not, acceptable to bring up in a court of law) have a lot more to do with making men, and women, skeptical of victims of aquaintence rape.Even in this day and age, most people assume that the majority of rape is stranger rape. They perpetuate the myth that women are more likely to be raped if they’re attractive, or wearing provacative clothing, or walking around in bad neighborhoods.You talk about the liberalizing of rape laws. Cite exactly which states and their laws, please. , the state I live in, defines rape primarily as sexual intercourse between persons without consent (which is the most basic definition of the word) and further allows for degrees of rape, carrying different penalties.The only liberalizing of the laws that I know of are when they were expanded to include things like spousal rape.If irresponsible behavior that leads to regretable results isne2€™t separated from rape, then women will lose because the rapists will be given the benefit of the doubt.The first part of that is victim blaming. See above statement on the subjectivity of irresponsibility , and I will also take the time to point out that you levy the complaints on the victims (and alleged victims) but not the rapists (and alleged rapists). Where is their responsibility in, I don’t know, not putting themselves in a situation where the woman they were with was legally unable to give consent. If women should know better, the men who have sex with them should as well.And the second part assumes that, right now, 1) women aren’t already, and haven’t been, losing; and 2) rapists aren’t given the benefit of the doubt. Vox and his commenters aside, read the other posts and comtenms that I linked in my original post. There’s a lot more time devoted to telling women not to get raped than there is telling men not to rape them.

  3. Mary says:

    I want to know how many orgasms he gave today. 😉 I’ll take a few

  4. Beta says:

    “no one likes a sad blowjob.” Bwahahahaha! 😀

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