How Best to Fuel Your Body after a Workout

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How Best to Fuel Your Body after a Workout. No matter if you’re into running, weightlifting or yoga, you’re probably familiar with that strong food craving after you finish your workout session. This is your body telling you it needs to refuel and it needs to refuel soon. Practically, knowing what to eat after a workout can make all the difference between gradually feeling stronger and gradually getting more tired and tired. So, here’s how to refuel your body like a pro and achieve the best recovery, rehydration and gains. 

Chug on some chocolate milk

Well, it turns out kids are great at recognizing what’s good for our bodies. So, when you’re planning an especially hard workout, make sure to have some low-fat chocolate milk with you. It’s full of quality protein and carbs, plus it contains leucine, an amino acid that does wonders for muscle recovery. Milk itself is full of essential nutrients your body craves, so chocolate or not, milk is a good choice of after workout drink. 

Grab a recovery drink


If you don’t really agree with dairy or if you need an extra push, keep in mind that post workout drinks are a great way to rehydrate, refuel and recover from your strenuous workout. One of the best things you can do for your body is finding a post workout supplements with calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium for hydration and BCAA and EAA blends for recovery. This type of drink improves recovery, increases endurance and supports muscle growth while allowing proper hydration. Essentially, a post workout drink is just what you need after a long workout. Grab a powder of your choice, mix with water or some other drink and voila—recovery and refuel in a cup! 

Whip out a protein bar 

Naturally, in order to completely refuel your body, you need carbs and protein. But, not all foods are a good choice of these nutrients, plus you might have a very limited amount of foods available right after a workout (unless your gym’s locker room has a kitchen). Luckily, there are engineered foods like protein bars that pack a great punch after a workout yet come in a very compact form. One of the most important things with these bars is that they contain a perfect balance of carbs and proteins, yet they are very easy to digest. If you choose the right bar, you’ll always have a clean and fuss-free source of fuel your body needs after a workout. 

Eat a fatty snack 


If you just had an especially hard workout that lasted over two hours (marathon, endurance, hike), you will also need to replenish some of the fat. Fat is truly an essential nutrient and your body needs it, especially after a demanding session. Some of the great fatty food options to munch on post workout are PBJ sandwiches, peanut butter and banana, trail mix, candy or string cheese. These might not seem healthy, but a traditionally healthy snack just doesn’t pack enough fat. 

Have a post workout meal 

It’s crucial to have a nice meal within a 1-hour period after your workout. It will help refuel your body and allow you to achieve the gains you’re aiming for. While chicken and rice are your go-to choice, they can often taste quite bland, especially when you have them all the time. So, make sure to switch it up with some protein pancakes, egg scrambles or chicken hash. Most of these meals are very easy to put together even for a beginner chef, so you can have a full plate in less than 30 minutes. 

Continue eating clean 

If you’re in workout mode, it’s easy to get carried away and focus only on what you eat after your workout. However, the rest of your day is also crucial for your good results and can have an impact on your performance and overall health. No matter if you’re killing it in the gym or doing moderate exercises at home, you need high-quality carbs (whole-grains, fruits and veggies), lean protein (poultry, low-fat milk and beans) and good fats (nuts, olive oil and avocado). Sticking to this eating pattern will ensure you begin your workout with the right fuel in your tank. 

Proper refuel isn’t hard at all, especially with some planning and preparation. With a post workout routine like this, you’ll lower your recovery time, achieve proper hydration and boost lean muscle growth that will bring you amazing results. 


Guest Post by Luke Douglas 

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