9 Reasons Why Being A Hot Mom Is Best

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Being the average mom these days is extremely challenging. You have to either deal with your kids telling you that you are boring and society viewing you as nothing more than a maternal figure. With that being said, is there a way to minimize these undesired notions toward us? The answer is “Yes!” And the perfect way is through being a “hot” mom. That is right! Throw your boring, average clothes away and dress to impress! Just because you are a mom, it does not mean that you need to let yourself go. Here are nine reasons in why being a hot mom is a wonderful idea.

#1: Your teens will not be embarrassed by you.

The average mom frequently experiences the statements, “Oh! Can you drop me two minutes away from the school and I will just walk?” from her teen. Believe it or not, it is a regular phase for adolescents to feel self-conscious when being seen with their average-looking moms. However, this displeasing phase can be prevented if you are considered a hot mom. Your teen will definitely not mind being seen with you then.

#2: You will still be a fashion statement even with an infant.

It is a known fact that after becoming a new mom, you tend to forget about your overall physical appearance. When this happens, society views you as nothing more than an average mother. Do you really want this for yourself? If you do not want this average-mom view to be bestowed upon you, become a hot mom. Up your dress style in addition to your baby’s essentials. Eliminate the regular-looking diaper bags, and change to cuter diaper bags. You certainly will be turning heads while holding your new infant then.

#3: Your kids will be more open with you.

It has been stated that in order to create an open and trusting relationship with your teen, you need to consider how you are parenting them. Being a hot mom will basically allow you to succeed in this goal of building an open relationship with your teen as your teen will view you as one of their peers.

#4: You will know your kid’s interests.

This particular reason goes back to your teen’s openness toward you. Your status as a hot mom will make it simple for your teen to relate to you. They will tell you everything going on in his or her life, and you will even learn what activities they are absorbed in. This is also serves as a beneficial way to find out what your teen is doing that he or she is not suppose to be getting into. For instance, it has been reported that by age 15, about 33 percent of teens have had their first drink. You can use this opportunity to steer your young teen away from alcohol. However, if your child is abit older and above drinking age, knowing about your child’s interests is a great chance for you both to get closer. If you both are into wine, you can invest in a wine cooler and during your bonding moments together, you both can do what you both love–sip on a glass of wine.

#5: Your teen’s friends will view you differently.

As an average mom, your teen’s friends will normally view you in the same manner your teen perceives you in–a mediocre-looking mom who is quite irritating. Being a hot mom will turn this perspective of you around, and instead, your teen’s friends will see you as attractive and cool. Not that these youngsters’ thoughts about you really matters to you, but when your teen’s friends view you in a positive way, your teen’s viewpoint about you will also change.

#6: Your confidence level will be high.

Because the average mom usually does not receive compliments about her looks anymore, her confidence level disappears. You begin wondering whether you are still attractive to others, opening doors to an extremely low self-esteem. On the other hand, a hot mom will receive will most likely get many compliments and stares from the opposite gender. Her confidence level will soar in addition to her self-esteem.

#7: Your chance of getting invited to teen parties increases.

Have you ever seen an average mom receiving an invitation to a teens’ party. As a matter of fact, most moms have to deal with being lied to about where their teen is going, much less being invited. As a hot mom, with your teen viewing you as a hot mom, they may most likely invite you along to their parties. This is a great advantage for you to be a “secret spy” at the party.

#8: You can shop in the same clothing department as your teenage daughter.</strong>

A mother and her teen daughter shopping together makes for a wonderful opportunity to bond. But what if you shop in the same department as your teen daughter? That is even better. She will perceive you as her “mother friend,” and your likelihood of her filling you in on her life increases.

#9: Your marriage will last.

This is the last and one of the best reasons why being a hot mom is marvelous. Many marriages end because of the simple fact that average moms let themselves go. Her husband will resort to looking out of the marriage for more physically appealing women. Hot moms fortunately keep the attention of their husbands. Why? Because their physical appearance is actually being maintained.

As it is well-known, being an average-looking mom is never easy. From the change in your physical appearance to the way your kids treat you, you always wish things can be different. Well, they can be; become a hot mom! By becoming a hot mom, your kids’ perception of you will be modified in a positive way and your life will change for the better.



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