8 Things You Should Have Before Your Next Trip

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After months of COVID-19 quarantining, you’re ready to pack your bags and hit the open road in search of adventure. Do you have everything you need?

While you can pick up some of what you forgot while you travel, some necessities belong in your luggage before departure. Here are eight things you should have before your next trip — stock up now so that when vacation time arrives, you’re ready to go.

1. Travel and Property Insurance

What happens if your luggage gets lost? Who pays to replace your missing wardrobe? What will you do if you get sick while away?

You can select from different types of travel insurance. Some cover your baggage and personal belongings from loss or theft, while others include medical or assistance or reimbursement for cancelations or delays — weighty concerns in today’s COVID-19 world.

2. Life Insurance Coverage

If something should happen to you while you’re away, how will your family survive? You might think you only need life insurance coverage if you are the primary breadwinner, but even if you aren’t, in today’s world, your loved ones might face significant hardship without your contribution.

The right life insurance policy can pay off your family home — or let your surviving family members escape the rental roller coaster. It can also provide cost-of-living expenses, which is crucial if your family needs two or more incomes merely to survive.

3. Hygiene Supplies

As much as everyone hoped it would pack its bags and leave, COVID-19 continues to linger like an insensitive houseguest. While promises of a vaccine by spring look somewhat promising, it’s still critical to take along everything you need to stay safe.

Therefore, pack plenty of masks and hand sanitizer. It’s handy to keep a set on your keychain so that you are never unprepared. However, by now, you know how readily those loops break — take along tons of spares. If you run an elevated risk of complications from an infection, it’s also wise to bring disposable gloves to avoid touching things at tourist shops.

4. Water, Water for Everyone

Water is vital to life. How much you pack with you on your road trip partially depends on your destination. While most experts recommend 64 ounces daily for the average 150-pound person, arid conditions up the requirement substantially. In desert regions, hiking for only 20 minutes and changing a tire increases your needs to 90 ounces.

Make sure you pack adequate water jugs for everyone. One space-saving alternative is to purchase a single large cooler with a spigot instead of multiple gallon jugs. Square models pack readily in your trunk and leave ample room for suitcases.

5. Snacks Galore

You know how the commercial says, “You’re not you when you’re hungry?” It turns out that you don’t think very wisely, either. Research from the University of Dundee reveals that making decisions on an empty stomach makes you focus on short-term rewards rather than a more substantial payoff down the line.

You need to keep your wits about you when you travel. Making the wrong decision about whether to leave your car and walk for aid or remain with your vehicle to wait for help can become a matter of life or death. While you hopefully won’t face any choices this dire on your trek, why not boost your mental power by packing along sufficient people-fuel — just in case?

6. A Little Automotive Savvy

Do you know how to change a tire? While the skill might make little more than interesting small talk in the city, the know-how can save you in remote areas.

Likewise, do you know how to check your oil — and what to do if it gets low? What about your antifreeze? While you always want to take your car to a mechanic for a checkup before departure, it pays to hone your ability to maintain it while you travel.

7. Several Stashes of Cash

What will you do if someone steals your wallet — which contains all your cash, credit cards and passport — while you’re visiting Dubai? You’ll need to get yourself to the embassy, but in the meantime, your pleasant vacation will become a hungry, frustrating nightmare.

Pack along several sources of cash. It’s wise to bring a dummy wallet that contains only a token amount and expired credit cards. You can also seek travel belts that sit next to your skin and lock, making pickpocketing nearly impossible.

8. A Pet Sitter You Trust

If you and your pup or kitty frequently roam the wilds together, your job is to pack supplies for them. However, many pet owners prefer to leave their furry companions safely at home.

When selecting a pet sitter, seek one that is licensed, bonded and provides proof of a clean criminal history. This diligence shows that they take their profession seriously. You can enjoy a more relaxing trip secure in the knowledge that your hired help won’t try to sell your pet pitbull on the black market for profit.

Please Get These 8 Things Before Your Next Trip

Before you embark on your next trip, make sure you have the eight things above. Peace of mind will let you relax and enjoy your holiday.

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