5 Ways Giving Up Sweets Seriously Improved My Life

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5 Ways Giving Up Sweets Seriously Improved My Life

I’ve always had a terrible sweet tooth and I’ve only gotten progressively more addicted. One day I took note of how ridiculous my sugar intake was and told myself that it had to stop. I knew sugar was bad for me, but it just tasted so damn good. It was like my version of a drug habit.

Quitting sugar is tough, but it’s also glorious. Granted, I didn’t cut out my sugar intake entirely, but I did stop eating any candy, cake, or sugary drinks – including alcohol. Turns out I’d been eating a hell of a lot of sugar. It’s totally worth the struggle to cut the cord – here’s what I’ve noticed since I’ve made changes:

1.I sleep much better.

I’ve always had sleep issues and never wanted to address the fact that my eating habits could have something to do with it. I’ve worked late nights for years and always ended up eating afterwards. I was just so hungry after hours of fasting that I would indulge in whatever sounded good. I’d be ashamed to tell you how many times I went to the store at 2 am and got a piece of cake which I immediately inhaled. It only took a few days of cutting out this terrible habit to see my sleeping patterns greatly improve. I actually wake up before my alarm now – which is unheard of in my world.

2.My mood swings have lessened.

I’ve had some trouble with mood swings in the past and I mostly attributed it to caffeine. Clearly caffeine dependency is part of the problem, but I definitely notice a difference now that I’m not inhaling sweets any time I feel a little sleepy. It was such a horrible habit and quite a difficult one to break. I found myself automatically reaching for something sugary every time I was in a store.

3.My appetite has normalized.

I’ve noticed that my cravings for other junk food have virtually disappeared now that I’m not indulging in sweets regularly. It’s awesome, because though I eat fairly healthily most of the time, I always want some kind of treat at the end of the day. I have a hard time depriving myself of snacks and such things, but after I gave up sugar, I’m finding I don’t even enjoy them! I’m enjoying the fact that I feel no need.

4.My skin looks healthier.

I’ve noticed that my skin seems more hydrated and it is definitely clearer. I’ve been drinking more water as my appetite settled down and my skin is softer and suppler. It’s encouraging to see the improvement so quickly – it helps keep me determined to stay on this positive path!

5.I’m performing better physically.

Now that I’m not using sugar as short-lived fuel for exercise, I notice that I can maintain physical activity for longer and at a higher rate. I’m no longer crashing halfway through whatever workout I’m doing or using sugar as a pick-me-up immediately after exercise to recover. Those were both terrible habits I had in the past that kept me from achieving what I should.

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