3 Things to Include on Your Profile for Increased Online Dating Success

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In the absence of willing friends who’ll get you connected with their attractive, single pals, and after far too many failed speed dating attempts you’ve probably been tempted to dip your toe into the online dating pool. If so, you’re not alone. Data from the Pew Research Center indicates attitudes towards online dating are getting progressively more positive, and the majority of people think it’s a good way to meet someone.

Those facts are specific to the United States, but since the world is getting more and more tech savvy, it makes sense people would turn to the Internet to find soul mates, individuals to casually date, or one-night stands. Data in an article published last year showed 47 percent of the world’s population has access to the internet. There have also been efforts from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to increase online access in developing areas, which should only increase worldwide internet usage.

Clearly, online dating potentially offers plentiful possibilities. But, there’s one thing that could hinder your chances in the experiment: An incomplete profile. There are several things to put on your profile to help convey that you’re someone worth knowing, whether for a night or a longer period of time.

Honest Information and Images

The nature of the internet makes it easier to tell white lies when filling out a dating site profile. You might show a snapshot from the head down of someone other than yourself who has sculpted abdominal muscles and think, Well, a person will never know I’m not that fit unless we get to the point of where my shirt comes off, and by that point, maybe I’ll have been impressive enough in other ways, so it won’t matter.

Similarly, you might reason it won’t hurt anything to mention working for Google before it was such a major company and believe a person viewing your dating profile will never dig deep enough to find the truth. But, in the same way, the internet facilitates not being entirely honest, it also offers a gigantic amount of information, helping others theoretically uncover the reality behind false things you’ve said.

Consider that people will be grateful you’ve decided to be steer clear of lies. Taking the other route and not telling the truth could backfire when you meet someone in person, and ruin a good thing before it gets started.

An Engaging Tone

Filling out a LinkedIn profile effectively requires a professional tone, but the same is not true of an online dating profile. People want to get peeks at things that make you fascinating and set you apart from others. That means you don’t want to write your life story as if you were drily reading it from a cue card while typing.

Have you gone skydiving in Spain? Helped your company develop a new food delivery app that works 25 percent faster than competing options? Talk about those things in a friendly voice that makes people intrigued enough that they want to know more. A bit of wit is a good addition too, especially if you don’t take yourself too seriously and want others to realize that characteristic.

What You Want From Online Dating

While researching online dating, you’ll find it’s somewhat of an umbrella term. Sure, some people are looking for individuals to date repeatedly, but others don’t want serious commitments. Flirtfair is a New Zealand-based site for people looking for one-night stands and sexual rendezvous. There are also sites specifically for Christians, disabled individuals, vegetarians, and almost every other demographic group imaginable.

If the site is solely for people looking for a certain kind of relationship, it’s not necessary to state the kind of partnership you want when populating a profile because the fact you’re using that particular online destination makes the intentions obvious. However, for those sites as well as others with a broader appeal, it’s still necessary to be clear about what you’re seeking, and if you consider anything off limits.

Maybe you aren’t interested in anyone more than 20 years older than you, or perhaps you won’t interact with someone who is married. Those are things you should mention on a profile, plus things you could offer a person.

Hopefully, the things you’ve just read will help you feel more confident when signing up for a new dating site or editing an existing profile. Good luck!

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