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Valentine’s Day Sex Playlist

Valentine’s Day Sex Playlist »

13 Feb, 2013
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Since I’m without a valentine this year, I decided to help out my ladies who will be getting some with a few tunes

DirtyandThirty.com Sex and Relationship Show: Is There Such a Thing As Casual Sex?

DirtyandThirty.com Sex and Relationship Show: Is There Such a Thing As Casual Sex? »

13 Sep, 2012
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Great news!  Each week we will be gathering your favorite DirtyandThirty.com bloggers for a live show on sex and relationships!  We will be

Don’t play dirty- Conflict in relationships

Don’t play dirty- Conflict in relationships »

6 Sep, 2012
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Guest blog: Cory B. Honickman

Conflict: kuhn-flikt  verb; A serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one: “the eternal conflict between the sexes”.

Conflict has the power to

Sex Tapes: So What?

Sex Tapes: So What? »

31 Aug, 2012
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Guest Blog by Lara Stewart

At the request of a colleague, I sat down to write an advice piece about how you can

Karezza Sex – Orgasm-LESS Sex

Karezza Sex – Orgasm-LESS Sex »

28 Jul, 2012
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I’ve seen and dealt with enough clients to know that there is nothing I can say or do to convince one or the

Beat Temptation

Beat Temptation »

11 Jul, 2012
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I had an interesting conversation this morning with a friend about temptation and thought I’d blog about it while it’s still fresh in



3 Jul, 2012
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Since I am a single woman living in L.A. chasing her dreams, I do not have much time for dating at this point

Painful Sex = Bad Sex!

Painful Sex = Bad Sex! »

26 Jun, 2012
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So I’ve come to a conclusion:  I must have a really short vagina.  Now, before you judge that remark, hear

Midnight “Bump”

Midnight “Bump” »

25 Jun, 2012
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This evening I’m writing about the “Midnight Bump” – are you familiar? You know that bump you get in the middle of the

Mystery Cummers – Speak UP!

Mystery Cummers – Speak UP! »

8 Jun, 2012
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A mystery cummer is exactly that. Someone that orgasms without letting you know! What the hay? Has this happened to you? Are you