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Everyone has been stressed, had anxiety, or couldn’t sleep.  We all for the most part work, or have kids, feel pressured, have deadlines, etc.  So you’re not the only one.  But how to unwind after a stressful day?  

Put on Lotion: Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Eucalyptus Tea Body Lotion.  (Try saying that 3 times fast) The Eucalyptus tea aroma is said to be relaxing.  It’s not expensive it’s about $12, no harm in buying a bottom of lotion & trying it out.


Take a Bubble bath: Have a bubble bath!  One of the few things that we love to enjoy as women.  Village Naturals Therapy Liquid Mineral Bath, $13.  The above Aromatherapy Stress Eucalyptus Tea is also sold as a bubble bath in the same scent as well.  I’m reading one of the reviews on Amazon, & one woman says it works quite well on her autistic son who has anxiety issues.  If you can’t sleep: Village Naturals Therapy Restless Nights Mineral Bath soak, and Bath and Body works Sleep Lavender Vanilla Body wash and foam bath.  I have a jar of the Restless Nights Nights Mineral Bath soak one at home & it is relaxing. Tip: Buy Bath & Body works stuff of  For whatever reason, it’s cheaper!

Drink Tea: There are teas that help you relax / sleep.  Chamomile & Lavender are said to be relaxing.  I will give you some options on tea: Celestial Herb Tea Sleepytime, Bigelow sweet dreams, and Yogi bed time tea.  I’m not saying try ALL of them, but pick one, see if it helps you unwind / relax at the end of the day.  And all the teas I’ve just mentioned have chamomile in them.
Tip: if you do drink it before bed, best not to drink A LOT of it.  You don’t want to keep waking up in the middle of the night running to the bathroom; only to disturb your sleep.

Put on a mask: Lying in bed with mask on can be really relaxing.  There is Freeman’s Facial Mask, Anti-stress with Dead Sea Minerals, a steal for only $3.  Origins has one as well, but a slight heftier price tag at $30 for a tube. feature1 2241566 or_0LHK01_240

Breathing & meditation exercises: I remember when I took yoga classes the instructor had us do breathing exercises, which are incredibly relaxing.  The key?  You should breathe through your abdomen.  (Meaning you should breathe deep enough for your stomach to rise & fall.  Put your hand on your stomach & breathe in as deep as you can.)  The best way to do this is with your eyes closed.  Breathe in for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4.  Supposedly some yogis can breathe for a count of 6 or 8.  And the great thing is that you virtually can do this anywhere.

A friend of mine, who’s a therapist, recommended me this meditation exercise.  Present.  Now.  Tomorrow’s another day.  Choose 2 from the following words / phrases and repeat them to yourself with your eyes closed.  I usually do this right before I nod off.


Go to the spa!  I prefer to go to the spa with a friend, but this is a personal preference.  Yes, spas are notorious for being expensive.  BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good deal.  I can’t speak for all Americans, but there is a LARGE spa near me called Spa castle, and to go in is only $40.  And I can have all the access I want to their hot baths, saunas, & swimming pools.  Go for that back / foot rub if it makes you feel better after a long day.  Don’t know of a spa near you? Again check out, as well as or  A friend of ours got my husband & me a gift certificate to Spa castle from Groupon.  Like I always say, a good is deal is always waiting to be found! or-spa-sliderimage

Try Yoga or Tai Chi: I live in NYC and a lot of New Yorkers are obsessed with yoga.  It’s a stressed out city & yoga is a great way to unwind & relax.  I’ve had a co worker who loves yoga & she tells me after doing it a few times a week, it helps her overall sleep in general.  If you don’t know of a yoga studio, many gyms offer yoga classes.  If you still don’t know of a place to take a yoga class, you can always buy a yoga dvd off and do yoga in the privacy of your own home.  And why not?  (When I do pilates, I do them in my own bed) Check below for listings of dvds, some of them are as cheap as $8.  For yoga studios / gyms, search on, for discounts I would search on or livingsocial.comyoga2

I’ve mentioned this in my post on exercise, that my parents used to live in San Diego, which is pretty much warm / hot all year round.  My mom told me that there was a park near their house where people would get together & do Tai Chi.  I’m not a fan, but that sounds relaxing!  Meditation really does work wonders for the body, mind & soul.

Exercise!  If you feel sad / stressed, one of the best things for you is to exercise.  Exercise creates endorphins in our brain, which naturally make us feel happier.  I’ve known women who love to go for a run to forget their troubles.  Or dance!  That would definitely make you feel better.  If you have trouble sleeping, exercise during the day would help you fall asleep better at night.


Indulge yourself in (healthy) activities that help you relax: for me reading is relaxing, so I would usually read to help myself fall asleep.  Keeping a journal could help you vent whatever your troubles are.  Write down all the things on your mind, & things worrying you before you go to bed.  And you know what they say: if you’re angry, hit a pillow.  If you’re really angry you could join a gym & kick the crap out of the punching bag.  It may sound silly, but hey, you’re getting in shape & you’re venting out all your anger & frustration, & you’d sleep better at night.

If you have trouble sleeping: An hour or 2 hours before you go to sleep, turn off all electronic devices.  (No more tv, computer, or cell phone.) Do something relaxing like reading, writing, meditating, or yoga.  Try not to do anything stimulating.  Turn off all the lights in your bedroom, & limit yourself only to lamps / night lights.  This will help you relax & unwind before going to bed.  If you have to set your alarm to get up for work; turn the clock AWAY from you after setting it.  It’s said that watching a clock can make insomnia worse.  If you set this into your routine every night, it will help you sleep better.


Summing up: Like every post I write, I hope this was helpful for you!  There are times when I’ve been really stressed out, and many of the tips I write in this post is from personal experience, and advice that’s been given to me.  If you are stressed, try 1 thing, or a couple of the things from my list. If you try any of the things in this post, I think the most important ones are the lifestyle changes.  Lotions are like frosting on the cupcake.  If you indeed are stressed, the most important question is, how do we cope with it?  Try ALL my tips if you want to.  It’s always better to de-stress the natural way, as opposed to drinking, smoking, doing drugs, or other things that are bad for your health.  And like any bad habit, it’s only a distraction from the real problem.  Usually my goal is to help people’s wallets; here I want to help your mind, body, & soul.  Relax.  Forget today’s troubles.  There’s always tomorrow.  


I'm a fashion designer, sometimes world traveler, sharing tips with the world on how to be fashionable without breaking the bank!! As women, we can't afford spa treatments all the time, or constantly buy designer labels. I've gone through some trial & error, done some research, and found ways to look and feel great & still be fashionable too! I've gone from freelance jobs to freelance jobs, so I know it's not easy to balance a budget. Check on my blog for a new tip, whether it beauty, fashion, or one of my trips around the world.
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