Woke Up Like This? How to Wake Up With Miraculously Clear Skin

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Well, it’s official, this is definitely the year of bare skin. We don’t know how it started but we have to admit we love it! Alicia Keys is appearing on TV and performing with no makeup, celebrities are posting no-makeup morning selfies like there’s no tomorrow, and even such designers as Michael Kors are supporting the trend by sending models of all ages down the runway – you guessed it – makeup free.

One might think – well, it’s easy for celebrities, they undergo lasers, microdermabrasion, have dermal fillers and frequent trips to spas. Yes, celebrities have the luxury of pampering their skin to perfection with all kinds of pricey treatments, but trust us, you can most certainly achieve that perfect morning ‘woke up like this’ look without breaking the bank; you just have to know your steps and follow them to the letter, so pay close attention because we’re about to dole out some serious flawless skin wisdom and soon enough, not only will you be waking up with Instagram-worthy skin, but perhaps even bench foundation for the summer.

Fight the common enemy


Whether you have sensitive, oily, dry, normal skin or acne-prone problematic skin, when it comes to this particular enemy, we’re all in the same boat. The enemy, of course, are dead cells that clog our pores, make our skin look patchy, dry and dull. When this is the case, no amount of gorgeous natural sunlight can bounce off your face as the dead cells have done a great job at creating the barrier between you and your glowing skin. This is why exfoliation is a must, for all skin types.

One of the most common misconceptions is that if you have sensitive, dry or acne prone skin, exfoliation will just aggravate it further, which of course is far from the truth. Yes, abrasive exfoliators will do that, but that is why there are gentle yet powerful exfoliators out there to cater to every skin type and concern, get rid of those dead cells and help you reveal the glowing complexion that’s hiding under it. Just make sure you don’t overdo it – the skin doesn’t require daily exfoliation, don’t buy into that myth. Stick with the two to three times a week rule and you will see the results within a week or two.

Know your skin


We see a commercial or a recommendation from an influencer and we jump the gun by purchasing a product that might not even be suitable for our skin type. In order to achieve impeccable complexion, you first need to determine what your skin type and concerns are so you can address them adequately. Once you have defined the nature of the skin you live in, you can proceed with adopting the proper skin regimen that will include the right steps and products that will deliver to their promise. There are great companies that offer free consults and provide you with guides on exactly the types of products you need, so turn to professionals and get the care your skin craves and deserves.

One, two, three…


It’s not uncommon for a woman to arm herself with the best skincare products out there and still be disappointed with their performance. This occurrence usually comes as a consequence of not layering your skincare products in the right order. If you want to wake up with a radiant face that has nothing to hide, you need to learn your steps by heart and never stray or skip one.

When it comes to the evening routine, a double cleanse is mandatory – external pollutants and makeup have burdened your skin throughout the day sufficiently, so extra pampering is a must. First, put your choice of makeup remover to work – wipes, micellar water, whatever works best for you. Only then do you proceed with washing that precious skin of yours with, again, a wash suitable for your skin type. (Bonus tip: the fewer ingredients on the label, the better the product is for your skin). Then we move on to the toner, which serves to both get rid of any residue (you will be surprised) and even out your skin tone and restore balance.


Now, once the cleansing part is over, it’s time to move on to evening pampering. If your skincare routine doesn’t include a serum, you simply have to fix that mistake. Serums are powerful liquids that, despite their light formula, contain more active ingredients than any moisturizer out there, and the best part, there are serums that target different skin issues so you can have personalized pampering in this aspect as well. Finally, lock things down with a nourishing moisturizer that will prevent the goodness of the serum from evaporating, and create a kind of a barrier (a good one this time) between your skin and the ‘outside’. Don’t forget that under eye area, your future self will thank you.

Summertime bonus


Nourishing sheet masks are all the rage, and for a good reason as they deliver plenty of moisture to the skin, moisture skin craves during summertime as perspiration and high temperatures such the life from it. Therefore, every now and then, if you have the time before you hit the hay, take twenty minutes to enjoy a sheet mask pampering session as there is no such thing as too much hydration.

There you have it – the rules for waking up looking like perfection – exfoliation, personalization, the right evening routine and an occasional quest star. It doesn’t seem that difficult does it? Once you adopt these skincare habits, you will wonder how your skin has ever survived without them, and more than that, you will come to enjoy these rituals.

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