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Hair removal is one of the most annoying thing women (and men) have to deal with on a regular basis. Whether they use a razor, a hair removal cream or wax – it’s often painful and it has to be done again and again.

Whenever there’s talk about laser hair removal, many complain about the price and effectiveness. Sure, there might be minor inconveniences but that is insignificant compared to the benefits.

People who want to do a laser treatment often don’t know much, so here are some of the most important tips to follow:

1. Research is a must

Before deciding to pay for the treatment, it’s crucial to find the answers to the most important questions. Is the clinic accredited? Who will be performing the hair removal treatment? Do they have a license? Any testimonials from previous clients? All of these are necessary to know beforehand.

2. There are no stupid questions

Even if the clinic seems right, going to the consultations is what determines whether it’s safe to proceed with the treatment. During the consultations, all the concerns need to be addressed in full.

All questions should be welcome and if the technician seems evasive, then that’s a potential red flag right there. People usually ask whether it hurts and what to do after the treatment. But even if there are any additional questions, no one should shy away from asking them no matter how insignificant they seem.

3. What to do before

Prior to the treatment, one shouldn’t wax or shave the part of the body intended for the laser. Since the treatment is done under a very hot temperature, it’s important to stay away from photosensitive medications. The same goes for people with sensitive skin prone to break-outs after shaving. Learning one’s skin type can be helpful.

4. How it works

The beam of light is pointed towards the area where the unwanted hair is. The light emitted by the laser is then absorbed by the pigment in the hair. The heat damages the hair follicles, which results

in restrained or delayed hair growth.

5. What to do after

After the treatment, one should stay away from the sun for at least 2 weeks. That includes tanning salons. Also, avoid big swimming areas like swimming pools and public beaches.

6. Cheap doesn’t mean good

Everyone wants to save money, but when it comes to more permanent treatments, cheap doesn’t mean quality. Low price can be an alert. Laser hair removal treatments are performed all over the world and the price varies by country, but there’s no place that isn’t somewhat costly. Even if there are special offers, coupons and discounts, that should be a red flag since offering those for medical and cosmetic surgery is illegal in many countries.

7. How to know if the place is the right one

As previously mentioned, they shouldn’t evade answering any questions. If they seem all too eager or dismissive, that could be a sign that they just want to proceed with the treatment and take the money. Reliable places have medical staff. Keeping the place clean is also a must. If the place seems dirty, chances are that they’re not professional either.

In Australia, these things are regulated by law in order to protect patients/clients. In a country that prides itself with a number of quality beauty-centers and clinics, success rates are high thanks to experienced doctors and aesthetic nurses. Because of the warm climate, Aussies like to spend time outdoors, which requires smooth legs. Many choose different hair removal methods, especially laser hair removal in Perth because Perth’s home not only to many beauty clinics but also college courses for beauty therapy. So these are the most important factors for choosing a place: trustworthiness, licensed staff, and hygiene.

8. One treatment isn’t enough

Most people are aware of this fact, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again. Laser removal treatments need to be repeated and the number of times depends on the person’s hair coarseness, hair color, growth density and treated area.

For facial treatments, sessions are performed every 4-5 weeks, and for armpits and bikini lines, treatments are approximately 6-7 weeks apart because the growth cycle is slower.

It’s best to have a consultation with a professional who can be more helpful since every person is different.

9. Why laser hair removal then?

A lot of people are dissuaded from laser hair removal because of the widely-spread notion that it’s very painful. Although there is some degree of discomfort, it’s important to come prepared and think of the benefits. The same goes for the price: paying for the treatment means saving thousands of dollars on waxing and also saving a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on shaving in the shower.

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