Pinterest Predicts the Biggest Hair Trends for 2017

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Pinterest Predicts the Biggest Hair Trends for 2017

There is an old episode of Will and Grace in which Grace threatens to shave her head only to have Will shut her down by exclaiming: “She would never cut her hair, it’s half her personality.” Although the line is hilarious but not true, we have to admit that hair has an enormous effect on our overall appearance. Similarly to good eyebrows, a great hairstyle suitable for your face-shape can take your beauty to the next level.

To that end, after a close look at Pinterest, all the relevant fashion magazines, as well as runways, here are the hairstyle trends that will reign in 2017.

Flat-Out Fabulous

If you have been wishing and praying for long and straight hair to come back in style, your prayers have been heard and answered. According to Harper’s Bazaar, sleek and shiny is back this season, so you might as well bust out that flat iron that has been gathering dust all this time.


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The it-Hadid girls have been spotted rocking this style off-duty, and no one knows trends like supermodels – they have the inside scoop. However, as this is meant to be a sleek and shiny look, damaged and fried hair will just not do, so before you start plugging in the iron, make sure you stock up on hair oils, great conditioners, hair masks, and of course, do not forget about those hair vitamins. Remember, flat cannot be fabulous if there is no shine.

Balayage, Bala-OMG

To ombre hair we say goodbye and good riddance! The previous season we have witnessed balayage’s win over ombre, and thankfully, this trend in hair-colouring will still be number one in 2017. The only thing that is changing is the colour palette – instead of the caramel and honey hues, more cool, ashy and grey tones will take the stage.


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So, if you have been checking out those Instagram it-girls wondering if you can pull grey off, it is time to have a chat with your hair stylist.

Curls au naturelle

Aside from models, other celebrities have been known to dictate trends. One of them is Alicia Keys who started a no-makeup trend and a great number of women followed suit. In the spirit of going all natural Keys has also let her natural curls breathe, and so has Kerry Washington. To all the curly girls we say – rejoice, the time has come to stop smothering your curls and let the volume out. Just be on the lookout for those heat-free style tutorials to get maximum curls with minimum burn.

The La La Hair

That buzz you hear about Emma Stone is not just the Oscar buzz. The Golden Globe Winner has also attracted a lot of attention on account of her hairstyle. The messy medium-length hair is not only trendy, but it is also polished, elegant yet fun, and most importantly, easy to maintain. You can wear it straight, or if you want to get the Emma look, with gentle curling to get those perfect effortless-looking waves.


image source: 1, 2, 3

Also, the previous season has experienced the rise of the ginger, so if you have always secretly wanted to cross over to the ginger side, there is no time like the present. On the other hand, if you wish to remain the fun blonde, Jennifer Lawrence says that is ok too.

The Upgraded Messy Bun

If you love your messy buns, and we know you do, great news – not only are they staying strong this season, but they are also getting an upgrade in the form of braids. Vanessa Hudgens makes the style look so relaxed yet chic, and as always Pinterest offers endless inspo on the multiple shapes and forms this hairstyle can take.


image source: 1, 2, 3

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