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Thanks to the newest trends of no makeup look, it has become possible to look radiant and fresh even in the great heats that summer brings. There are times and occasions during the summer when we need a bit more coverage, and this is where light looks come in handy. For all of you who are wondering how to achieve it, we are offering a few great tips, you can easily follow.

Create the perfect base

The last thing we want during the hot summer months is our face-melting and our makeup looking patchy and uneven. Since there is a big chance you will sweat and your face will get oily, it is important to prepare it the right way. A natural makeup look can still include a primer underneath. It can actually help you use less foundation because it will smooth out your skin. If you have oily skin, matte primers are the perfect option for you, although during summer even people with dry skin can use it without it looking crusty. A good tip is to use matte primer on your T zone and use an illuminating one on the high points of your face because when you put foundation on, it will give you a natural glow. Remember that you should hydrate your skin before applying makeup. 

Keeping your foundation light and natural

Melting foundation is yet another problem we face in the heath. To avoid this, here are some helpful tips. Use a foundation with light to medium coverage because it will not cake and look like a mask, besides it will allow your skin to breathe and not clog your pores. For a more natural effect, use a beauty sponge. Don’t apply foundation underneath your eyes, leave that for concealer because you don’t want to layer too much. Another good option is to use a bb or cc cream, which will just make your complexion even. 

Giving your face some dimension

It is hard to stay away from bronzer and blush since they have become the most loved makeup items. And now you don’t have to, you just need to learn how to apply them properly. A natural summer makeup look is achieved best with shimmery bronzers, which will enhance your tan if you already have it, or create one until you get it. Put a small amount underneath your cheeks, and a bit on your forehead and nose since that is where the sun would naturally hit you, and it will look even more effortless. It is best to use either bronzer or blush because again you don’t want to layer products. A bronzer will give you a beautiful, sun-kissed look and a blush will create that flushed, healthy, glowy look. With this, you don’t need much else on your face anyways.

Bare face and eyes that stand out

If you want a true summer makeup look, emphasize just one part of your face. With not much product on your face, you can concentrate on your eyes. You can stay away from eyeshadows completely or use soft, neutral colors just to give some dimension to your eyes. Instead, your focus can be lashes. Big, voluminous lashes will open up your eyes making them the thing everybody will notice on your face. To get the best results, use an eyelash curler before applying your favorite mascara. 

A great tip for anyone who doesn’t want to use mascara, or just wants their eyelashes to be longer is an amazing eyelash growth serum, which is easy and safe to use. Then, you will even be able to rock the bare face. Another thing worth dedicating some time to is eyebrows. First of all, let them grow out, because thick eyebrows are a hit right now, and for a good reason. They make you look like you don’t have any makeup on, and they are a great frame for your face. Use a pencil to fill in any gaps that you have and brush them with a tinted eyebrow gel to make every hair stand out even more. This will also help keep them in place. 

Soft and neutral summer lips

Even though bright, corals are a tempting summer option for your lips, you can achieve great results with keeping it simple and natural as well. The important part before anything else is to use lip balm even during the summer so your lips don’t get dry or damaged from the sun. Lip glosses have become popular again because they give you just the right amount of shine and color you want on your lips. You can even use a nude lip pencil and the same balm on top, and it will create a color that is similar to your natural one. If you absolutely have to have color, nude, or soft pink are the way to go, especially if you match it to the blush you are using. 

Natural makeup looks have become very trendy and not only for summer but all year long. However, during summer they are preferable because you won’t feel the heaviness on your face from too much product. So, check out these tips and try some of them this summer. 

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