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It’s like high school all over again. Do you remember the days of varsity jackets and sharing jerseys? This was the height of fashion in most parts of the United States, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your youthful style altogether. No matter your age, you can always take a step back in time to revisit those funky styles of high school.

One great way to do that is the bring back your favorite sports jersey. Whether you’re getting ready to root on your favorite team or you just want to add some athletic flair to your style, a sports jersey completes any modern look. How do you pull off a sports jersey without looking like an over-the-top fan or an oversized highschooler? It’s easier than you think. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Custom Jerseys

What if you’re not sure what team to root for? Then it’s time to customize. Who said you can only root for the home team? Why not put your name on a jersey and really see your style shine? It’s sure to turn some heads and elevate your style.

If you want to customize softball uniforms or cheer uniforms, you can do that. Customize your style with a jersey made just for you. This will be the easiest jersey to style since it’s already built with you in mind. Otherwise, feel free to find a jersey for your favorite player, team, or just in your favorite colors. There are no rules.

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Layer Your Jersey

The easiest way to pull off a sports jersey is to add layers. Layer a denim or leather jacket to tone down the attention from the jersey itself. Layers are your friend when it comes to taking any sporty look out of the gym (or sports store) and into the street.

This is also a good way to transition yourself into sporty style. You can still layer all the girly and modern accents you know and love, but there’s a touch of cool-girl sportswear underneath just waiting to shine through.

Pair with a Skirt

Did you know you could blend the flirty and the sporty to make a style that’s uniquely your own? It’s true. Tuck your favorite sports jerseys into a cute skirt for a look that’s bold, feminine, and just a bit edgy. Don’t forget your layers!

Not sure what skirt goes best with your jersey? Short skirts are usually the way to go, but a solid print will get you there no matter your hem length. Opt for leather for an edgy touch or go feminine with a lighter fabric that balances your style.

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Rock Your Jersey as a Dress

Oversized has its benefits. Not only are jerseys comfortable as heck, but they also are the most versatile shirt you’ll ever own. If you choose an oversized jersey, you’ll likely discover it doesn’t fall to your waste. If you’re like most women, you’ll actually feel a bit like you’re drowning in it.

This is a good thing. Did you know you can actually rock your sports jersey as a dress? That’s right, let the hemline fall to your mid-thigh for a unique dress that’s one-of-a-kind. Cinch the waist with a belt or embrace the boxy fit to make it a look you love.

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Be a Blue Jean Baby

Denim and sports jerseys go together like old friends. Maybe you weren’t the girl next door in high school, but who says you can embrace your inner effortless cool-girl later in life? Tuck your jersey into your favorite pair of jeans, whether you rock mom jeans, bootcut, or skinny jeans. Is the weather warming up? Make those jeans a pair of cut-off shorts to get a summer look that’s perfect for fun in the sun.

Take your daytime jean look into the night by pairing your outfit with heels or other elevated accessories. Don’t forget to layer your favorite fabrics over it to dress your outfit up or down for the occasion.

Love Your Jersey Without Sacrificing Style

There’s a reason so many big-name stars like Kendall Jenner and other supermodels are all wearing their favorite jerseys. This isn’t just a hold-over from the Superbowl or a way to celebrate March Madness. It’s a sporty style that stands the test of time.

Whether you’re a die-hard sports fanatic or you just like the team’s colors, you should feel confident rocking your favorite jersey without sacrificing your signature style. Whether you’re girly or edgy, your sports jersey fits right into your current look easier than you think. The next time you feel like repping your favorite team or even if you just have some nostalgia for your high school athlete days, shrug on your jersey for an effortlessly cool look.

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