How to Incorporate the Fall Runway Trends into the Office

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How to Incorporate the Fall Runway Trends into the Office

Looking at all those amazing runway outfits, we have all more than once thought about the events where we would wear those dresses and trousers. They look beautiful, sure, but are they office-friendly? Not quite. However, with a bit of imagination and the power of mixing and matching different outfits and accessories, having a runway-themed outfit at the office or a conference meeting is not impossible at all.

Take a look at what the trends for this fall are and how to incorporate them into your daily business outfit.

Sexy Velvet

Velvet surely is regarded as a sexy fabric (do you think that Alannah Myles’ “Black Velvet” is one of the sexiest songs out there for nothing?). Even though wearing a velvet dress might be a bit inappropriate for a business meeting, there are ways to introduce velvet to your business wardrobe. Take tailored suits as an example. If you happen to have a velvet blazer to pair it with velvet trousers of the same colour, you’ll definitely be the most chic girl in the office.

Moreover, wearing velvet tops with regular straight-leg pants can also look very formal. Be cautious, though – not a lot of accessories go with velvet. Pair them nicely and keep them simple so as not to look over the top.

Regular florals? No! Couch florals? Yes!

Do you remember Meryl Streep’s iconic sarcastic quote “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking!”? Well, perhaps the regular floral pattern for spring is cliché, and of course, they don’t really blend well with the autumn colours. However, the pattern called “couch florals” is becoming huge right now, and definitely one of the patterns to look out for in the fall and winter to come.

Again, you should be very cautious with this one as well, as mixing a lot of pieces of clothing with this pattern might really make you look like a couch. Choose a blazer of this pattern, or trousers, and keep the rest minimalistic and one-coloured. There are many nice couch florals blazers out there, such as the ones from Banana Republic or Farfetch, ranging from cheap to the ones that are the most expensive.

Ruffle it up!

Balenciaga once said, “Ruffles have to be intelligent.” And they indeed have to be since this is a trend that comes and goes since it emerged in 1707. So, this has been the year of ruffles, and this fall is not going to be different. If you want to stay classy in your office (as we believe you already are), try to incorporate this trend into your daily business attire.

If you choose a shirt with ruffled sleeves underneath a blazer, you’ll definitely pull it off. Stay away from ruffled trousers and keep those for a night out. If you want to go with ruffles at your office, choose either a shirt or a blazer. Don’t overdo it though – this has to be a small twist in your otherwise regular and classy combination.

Red is the new black

What a better way to liven up the boring monochromatic outfit than with a dash of red? Red is one of the most wanted colours of the year, starting with shoes, all the way to blazers, shirts, and trousers. If you want to spice up your attire with a bit of red, we recommend combining your monochromatic outfit with bags or scarves. It is the easiest way to stay trendy and not break any dress code rules. For example, the Australian brand Oroton has a wide variety of excellent accessories that can help you bring in a touch of red to your solid block colour outfit.

Keep it bright

Not only is red the colour of the season, but also all the other bright colours, such as green, pink and yellow as well. Since it is difficult to pull a business look off with all of these colours, our recommendation would be to use one colour a day and incorporate it into your business outfit through button-up shirt, different scarves and accessories in that particular colour. It will not only make you look younger and fresher, but you will also radiate positivity. This will definitely make your day, and, who knows, maybe the positivity you will be radiating might get you a promotion?

It might be difficult to introduce the runway looks in your office, but why not give it a shot? It will look natural and classy, and you will still be known as the fashion guru of your company!

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