Going Global: Plastic Surgery Trends Around the World

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Going Global: Plastic Surgery Trends Around the World. If you ever wanted to see proof that beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, just take a trip around the world. Each culture has its own set of preferred traits that mark a person as beautiful in that specific society’s eyes. Anthropologists study cultural definitions of beauty all the time, simply because it’s so fascinating.

You can find examples of different definitions of beauty in almost every country. Some cultures view a tan as sexy, while others prefer pale skin. Some cultures are known for appreciating heavier people, while others love them to be spritely. Considering how varied the definition of beauty is, it’s always interesting to find out what new plastic surgery trends are gripping the globe. 

It’s no secret that plastic surgery is now a popular solution to many classic complaints about figures. Even simple procedure like dermal fillers have doubled in demand from last year alone! But, are we really getting all the same procedures done? It all depends at what you’re looking into. 

Brazil: Still Tops for Beach Body Surgery 

Most basic plastic surgery procedures are seeing an uptick in growth around the world—especially when it comes to things like rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, liposuction, and dermal fillers. Unsurprisingly, these classic surgeries like these are still going strong around the world. 

What buyers are choosing, though, seems to change depending on where you go. 

In Brazil and other parts of South America, the strong emphasis on having a “bathing suit body” means increased rates of body surgeries compared to facial plastic surgery. Brazil has long been known as a plastic surgery hotspot, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down on that reputation. 

South Korea: Facial Surgery with Youth in Mind

South Korea might just be the only country to tie with Brazil’s global reputation for cosmetic surgery. In this Southeast Asian country, youthful facial features tend to be the most heavily emphasized when it comes to beauty. 

As a result, facial plastic surgery has become incredibly popular throughout China, Japan, Thailand, and of course, South Korea. Top trends include eyelid surgery, jaw shaping, and rhinoplasty. 

China Goes Extreme

Facial plastic surgery has become a major mark of wealth in mainland China, and to a point, this country is starting to get competitive when it comes to getting the latest process to hit the market. Unlike in the West, many circles in China stopped looking for natural-looking upgrades, favoring a more pronounced look. 

In recent years, several Chinese influencers went viral after getting extreme jawline resurfacing. The “triangle head” look, as it’s called, is no longer going strong. However, this country still seems to dabble with experimental surgery aesthetics pretty heavily. 

We All Follow Hollywood

Thanks to social media and Hollywood’s acceptance of cosmetic surgery, Americans have learned to embrace cosmetic surgery. Surgeons across the United States noted that clients now start to request procedures that their favorite social media influencers have undertaken. 

“One might even call it a ‘Kardashian Effect,’” noted plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Miller. “In the past couple of years, it’s not unusual to hear patients request a procedure based off who had it most recently.”  Dr. Miller also notes that many of his Rhinoplasty Consults often are accompanied with a celebrity instagram snapshot for inspiration.

Believe it or not, the emphasis on influencers isn’t just a United States thing. Major social media influencers spread the popularity of dermal fillers and similar procedures in Britain, France, and Russia. Social media trends in plastic surgery usually start in the United States, then spread to other countries. 

Maybe it’s the glitz. Maybe it’s the glam. Whatever the reason is, the world seems to love showing their camera-ready side when plastic surgery is in the mix. Leave it to America to set that trend, right? 


Guest Post by Luke Douglas 

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