When Fashion Means More Than Just The Clothes You Wear

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Fashion has come along way for us over the years. Gone are the days of high necklines and long dresses for females. Tight, stiff suits for men with polished shoes and cravats. Now fashion can be an extension of who we are. It has come a long way. So in a celebration of how flexible and diverse today’s fashion is, I thought I would explore in more detail. All of the times when fashion means more than just the clothes you wear.

When you can show your support

Fashion can be more to people than meets the eye. Gone are the days that we just choose to wear something because it looks good. Of course, that is still very much a part of our fashion choices. But these days we can make sure our clothes and the accessories we wear stand for something. It means expressing our support for caused in slogan t-shirts. It’s wearing a Gay Pride Bracelet to show that we believe in equality. This means that now our fashion choice is more of a statement. That without even talking to someone we can gauge what they are about and what they support.

When you can express your true personality

Fashion use to be very straight down the middle. You were either fashionable, or you weren’t. This meant that what you chose to wear was more to do with fitting in with the crowd than about who you were. Now fashion has been transformed to be a true extension of our personalities. You can express who you are just by the clothes you wear. If you want to wear the latest designer collection by all means. If you want to wear baggy jeans and everything has to be black then so be it. In today’s world fashion is fashionable on all different levels. There is no right or wrong, and it is liberating.

When Fashion Means More Than Just The Clothes You Wear


When you can no longer feel trapped in your mind

Some people are born not knowing whether they are female or male. It’s not solely down to the anatomy but can be in the mind. This can be confusing for the individual experiencing it. Which is why fashion can play such a huge part. There are many inspirational females and males out there dressing and living their lives as the opposite sex. This is because fashion no longer dictates that to them. They can wear what they want when they want and still feel themselves.

When it can make you feel confident and sexy

Body confidence is an important part of how a woman feels. If they feel content with their bodies, then they will ooze confidence and self-esteem. Which is why fashion can play such a big part in how a woman sees herself. Now she can wear a short dress and high stiletto shoes and feel sexy. It’s her prerogative. Fashion no longer dictates but yet it is still there playing and integral part.

It’s amazing how now fashion can be seen on so many different levels. That it can allow anyone to dress how they want to, without feeling any pressure to conform.



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