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As the seasons start to change and the biggest fashion shows come to a close, new trends and tendencies begin to appear. While the runways were as bold, daring and boundary-pushing as ever, there were a few consistent themes throughout the shows that have set an undeniably clear tone for the seasons to come. From the romance of frills and subtle neutrals to the sharpness of leather and menswear pieces, a wide array of styles were gracing the runways this season and set some incredibly chic trends for the upcoming year.

Here is everything you need to know about new spring 2020 fashion:

Reinvented crochet

As the fashion industry is becoming more environmentally conscious, it’s looking for new ways to incorporate more sustainable materials and crafts into their runway looks. This is exactly where the slow, handmade crocheting technique comes into play. But instead of your grandma’s favorite aesthetic, this season is more about ultra-feminine dresses, polished suiting and surprisingly modern eveningwear options. Crochet is getting a chic update for spring and summer ‘20 and we can’t wait to give it a try.

Elegant shorts

Instead of skin-tight skirts and loose-fitting trousers, spring and summer of 2020 is going to be all about sleek, elegant shorts. Forget about those stretchy biker shorts we’ve been seeing all over Instagram during the last few seasons, and turn your attention to knee-length, generously cut shorts that almost resemble culottes, in rich fabrics such as leather. Well-tailored and perfectly-fitting, these shorts might even become a popular business and eveningwear option, but there’s no doubt they will be a summer staple everyone is going to have in their closet come 2020.

Romantic frilled tops

Playing on the ever-popular theme of delicacy and romance, ruffles and frills were all over the runways this season. And while there were occasionally a few summer dresses and chic skirts, the most popular option seem to be frilled tops in neutral shades, with occasional fun prints and delicate lace details. If you want to get in on this cute frilly trend as well, you can find luxury fashion for casual girls that’s as elegant as it is feminine, and ideal for choosing a beautiful ruffled top that can easily be incorporated into everything from everyday to evening looks.

The third piece

As fashion is becoming more androgynous and fewer rules seem to apply to any gender, classic menswear items are slowly making their way into women’s fashion, and it’s safe to say they look absolutely fabulous. The latest addition was the elegant and timeless vest that was incorporated into several stylish outfits, whether as a uniformed three-piece suit or under a contrasting tailored blazer. As there’s something incredibly appealing and endlessly flattering about the classic waistcoat, there’s no denying we’ll be seeing it all over the streets of fashion capitals come 2020.

Colorful leather items

What was once mostly reserved for colder fall and winter months is now finally ready to have a comeback during sunny spring. From sleek jackets and coats to sexy skirts and slim trousers, almost every designer had a few eye-catching leather pieces in their collection. Whether it was real or faux leather, one thing was always the same – instead of toned-down neutral hues, every item was colored with a bright and vivid shade that gave new life to each collection and redefined the meaning of leather clothing. If you want to get in on this trend for the upcoming spring, invest in a colorful skirt or jacket that can be worn in countless different ways.

All shades of beige

Continuing on the bourgeois theme from the last couple of seasons, the runways were overflowing with monochromatic neutral looks in all shades of cream, beige and camel. It seems like the only way to wear these nude colors come spring is from head to toe, whether you opt for fitted dresses, stylish jumpsuits or the most iconic beige piece of all time: the classic trench coat. Even though this completely neutral look might seem a bit difficult to pull off, it can look absolutely incredible and entirely street style worthy when combined with sleek black leather shoes and accessories.

If you’re someone who likes to plan their wardrobe well in advance, these biggest trends and tendencies for 2020 will help you reinvent your style, and stay chic and fashionable all year long.

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