Easy Tricks to Identify Fake Instagram Fashion Influencers

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Easy Tricks to Identify Fake Instagram Fashion Influencers. You would be amazed to know that more than $1 billion was actually spent on influencer marketing on the popular Instagram platform in 2017. This surely makes sense as influencer marketing has been making waves. Today, you could easily boost your brand’s overall visibility and reach if you wisely align your business or brand with a leading Instagram influencer who has a loyal following of your target customers. Collaborating with the top Instagram fashion influencers could be a meaningful and authentic way of being visible to the right audience, boosting brand awareness, and showcasing all your fashion products innovatively and creatively.

Hence, influencer sponsorships and collaborations have almost substituted conventional ads and are today an integral part of social networking stratagems. However, before signing any agreement or contract, it is essential to ensure that you are not collaborating with the fake Instagram influencers. So how could anyone spot the fake Instagram influencers? Many people could use their intuition to spot authentic influencers and identify the fake ones. However, there are some easy ways of examining the legitimacy of Instagram fashion influencers.

Consider Examining Their Follower to Their Following Ratio

Before scrolling down the potential influencer’s feed on Instagram, examine their exact follower to their following ratio. This surely indicates an influencer’s authenticity. We know that influencers are in the habit of following 1 to 5 % of their entire following. If you come across anything quite higher as compared to the expected max of 5 percent, that could be because of foul play and growth hacks such as comment, like, and follow bots that are used to growing follow counts rapidly without growing loyalty, fandom, and personal brand. For instance, if an Instagram fashion influencer is following over 5,000 people but has just 15,000 followers, it is certainly a warning sign for investigating the reliability and genuineness of their Instagram account.

An Incomplete or Vague Profile

A fake fashion influencer could most probably have a vague profile and bio. For instance, the entire profile section could seem to be empty with just some emojis. He or she may be having a fake or spam sounding email. More often than not, false influencers do not sometimes seem to flaunt a first name connected to their accounts. Fake accounts generally have a profile that is supposed to be the opposite of authentic influencers who are focusing 100 percent on conveying their interests and all about them via their Instagram bio. Moreover, real Instagram fashion influencers generally include their email address, contact number, and other valid information that lends credibility to these genuine profiles. The genuine profiles are always verified.

Another clear sign of spam or fake influencer is the person’s online presence is restricted to just one social media platform. Real influencers generally are used to operating across multiple platforms while fake influencers would be having their so-called fans and following restricted to just one social media platform. The most effective way of examining if a genuine person is representing the influencer profile is by doing a thorough social media background assessment. This should assist brands in finding out that they are working with a genuine person with followers and a solid fan base.

As per research, Daniel Lee gained phenomenal popularity as the new mind-blowing designer for Bottega Veneta, a luxury Italian brand. Thanks to the collaboration with Lee and his guidance, Bottega Veneta is being acknowledged as the leading brand with numerous mega-influencers, fashion folk, and celebrities. The brand did invest a reasonable amount of money in influencer marketing and Lee but Lee fans did the rest. You must collaborate with a top influencer like Daniel Lee to get Instagram views.

Examine the Account’s Lifespan

You must examine how long the influencer’s Instagram account has been in operation. You must find out the exact period the influencer has been actively into Instagram. Once you know that the influencer account has been active for quite some time, you could rest assured that the influencer account is genuine and legitimate with real followers.

Viral success does take place but it would be taking years for Instagram influencers to boost their loyal following. Once you observe that an Instagram account is brand new but has a phenomenal following then things could be fishy. Some of the fans and followers could be unengaged and fake.

Similarly, you should not trust any influencer account with an exceptionally long-standing account but very small following. You would like to rely on an influencer who has a perfect idea about ways to grow his engagement and followers over time.

Evaluate the Content Quality

Indeed, what you would like on Instagram is more often than not a subjective issue, however, if you are involved in the world of brands, you would at once identify good quality the moment you come across it. Irrespective of the overall follower size, in the case, the influencer’s content looks poor, be free to switch to the next one.

You must devote some time to researching their past campaigns. Once you are sure that the following is genuine, the influencer has managed to achieve an incredible amount of engagement, and the content looks amazing, go ahead and collaborate with him.

Spot Generic Comments on Majority of Their Posts

This is a fantastic way of identifying a fake fashion influencer on Instagram. You must consider scrolling down through the entire comment section after every post. Real profiles would certainly have relevant or content-specific comments coming in from various followers. Moreover, real influencers would hardly ever miss the golden opportunity of interacting with their followers and fans in very much the comments section that appears after the posts. However, fake influencers would be having posts followed by numerous generic comments such as nice picture, great photo, etc.

Consider Using Effective Third-Party Influencer Search Apps or Tools

You could identify genuine Instagram influencers by using competent third-party tools such as Social Blade and Fohr Card for examining the legitimacy and authenticity of an Instagram influencer’s account.


You must not rely blindfolded on so-called Instagram influencers. If any account looks incredibly good, you must make more efforts to examine meticulously. You must do ample research. Keep examining the authenticity of influencers before investing in them.

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