Dear Men, Don’t Worry! It’s Totally Ok To Wear Make-up

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Dear Men, Don’t Worry! It’s Totally Ok To Wear Make-up. Sometimes we, as a society get stuck in traditions and habits from the past. The “rules” follow us generation after generation, but in doing so, we forget why we did these things in the first place. This is very much how society deemed it acceptable for women to wear makeup but not for men. Somehow we decided that all makeup had to be feminine and we held fast to that notion. We taught our daughters to play dress-up and to look picture perfect, but not our sons. And, if our son attempted to cross that line, we became seriously worried about him.


In order to break a taboo habit, we have to know why it came to be in the first place. Today, we will look at the reasons behind cosmetics.


In the past, it was believed that women had a short period of time in their lives to have babies. They would age out and leave their partner with no offspring to carry on the family name. Men, seem to be able to procreate at a younger age and for a longer time frame.


Since having children was such a deal-breaker, women began making themselves look younger, thus more desired with the help of makeup. She would cover dark spots and wrinkles. She would add a brush of pink across her cheeks and draw attention to her eyes to seduce her partner. Her red lips suggested she was fertile and men would gather around her.  

The Men

The role of the men in this scenario was much different. Just as the women in this deal were not considered for their brains, sensitivity, or abilities, neither were the men. Men were considered a good catch and good daddy material if they were big and strong. If he could lift large objects and protect his family, he was considered the right mate.


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Then we grew

We reached a point in society where we decided to stop grading ourselves by these old values. Men and women decided to grow their minds. They became educated and started considering how they could contribute to society. We began to look for more than a strong back in our mates.


Today a man can put on a business suit and go to work. He can lead armies of employees and never break a sweat. He takes care of himself. His hair is styled. His skin is cared for. His clothes fit well, and he wants to be the best he can be.


Today’s man refuses to let blotchy skin, a misshapen nose, or a less than strong jawbone ruin his day. Just like his counter parts, he wears concealer to cover dark circles. His foundation makes his skin appear clear and moist. He brings out the shape and color of his eyes with eyeliners, pencils, contouring and highlighting products.  He likes who he is and he looks naturally appealing.

Men’s Cosmetics

In the past few years, men’s makeup sites have begun to show up online. Makeup designed for a man’s thicker skin is in huge demand. In 2018, some of the biggest names in the cosmetic industry have introduced men’s makeup lines.


Experts are training their employees the art of applying makeup to men. Tutorials are online that explain exactly how to get the wanted results. Men are shaping their eyebrows and filling in missing spots in their eyebrows. There are special products to do the same for facial hair.


Soft lip glosses give him a natural but better look. He is not over done. He has a natural look that makes you wonder what is different. He just suddenly looks better, healthier, sexier, but not made-up.


Men take notice. There is no reason why you cannot wear products that ensure you look your best. The last taboo has been broken and you can comfortably take your place as a trendsetter. There is no time like right now to begin. Be proud of how you look and of how far you have come. The true testament of a who you are is based on your brain and your heart. So, don’t let anything hold you back.                                                                  

Guest Post by Ashley Lipman

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