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Most of the time megastars don’t usually look like us, mere mortals: the blemish-free complexion, glowing skin, radiant eyes, spotless tan. But make no mistake – no matter how naturally endowed celebs are, the looks we witness on the red carpet are a work of top makeup artists, whose tips and secrets we are about to reveal.

To prime is not a crime

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A good foundation is a must. Before applying makeup, your skin should be well-prepared, clean and hydrated. Then comes the foundation which evens out your skin tone, masks imperfections and gives you a good base to build on. Have in mind that you can do without applying the foundation to the whole face and instead using it just on the eyes, nose and the chin. Careful with the forehead! Makeup artists warn that applying it ungenerously to the forehead can have an uncalled-for aging effect.  

Make it stay

Fixing your makeup is just as important as applying it correctly. Achieving a high definition finish can be done with mineral powder, which not only offers professional results, but is easily applicable and long-lasting. If you want your look to be impeccable, make sure you use adequate makeup tools, such as professional Sigma brushes. For a natural look, go slowly and build up layered coverage.

Master a bold lip

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With rich, bold lips you can never go amiss if you balance them out by minimizing the rest of your makeup. First of all, you need to hydrate your lips with lip balm, then remove any excess before applying just a tad of foundation to create a natural base for the lipstick. Mind that experts recommend using a lip liner whose shade matches your natural lip color, not the lipstick. Finally, choose a rich formula with creamy texture and moisturizing ingredients and go for a vivid shade that will help you make a statement.   

Mascara – a girl’s best friend

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A red carpet look invariably means compelling eye makeup and mascara is your best friend in obtaining desired results. For making the best of it, the final touch with mascara should be applied in two great swipes from the root to the tip. Instead of the usual wiggling most people do, try this technique to make eyelashes appear longer and more defined. Some experts even recommend putting mascara right after foundation, instead of leaving it as the final makeup step.  

Glitter overload


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Calculated application of body shimmer can work to your advantage for beautiful, glowing complexion. Experts warn that applying it as a regular body lotion has more drawbacks than benefits, though. Remember: the goal is not to glitter (like vampires in the Twilight saga), but to highlight the parts of your body, be it cleavage, shoulders, arms, legs, or collarbone. Choose wisely and apply it carefully for a stunning look everyone will notice.      

Highlight it

To top off your red carpet look, a highlighter will come in handy. It is what makes expertly-done makeup stand out from the crowd, but is not as difficult as you may think. To achieve luminous sheen, while being as natural as possible, pick a highlighter that is just a tad brighter than your tan and apply it sparingly to your cheekbones, bridge of the nose and the center of forehead. Those who relish little beauty experiments can try putting a dab of highlighter to the inner corners of eyes, cupid’s bow and chin to achieve the illusion of fuller lips.

Embrace these easy and effective tricks of crème de la crème makeup masters. Perfect the techniques and make yourself glow like a red carpet diva.


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