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There is one person in fashion whose voice is simply more powerful and meaningful than all other voices. That voice is, of course, of one Anna Wintour, and when recapitulating on the past fashion month, Wintour did say that fashion, in general, but in the past few years, in particular, is as it always should be – rule-breaking, but not silly. Well, if the most important name in the fashion industry has given us her blessing to break the rules, then that’s exactly what we’ll do.

There is a catch, however – how to achieve this ‘rebellion’ without indeed looking silly, and that’s what brings us here, so let’s discover the safest and most stylish ways to bend the rules and look fantastic.

Mix it up

Once upon a time, there was a strict rule that all shades of pink are never to be paired with red. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s perfectly fine to do so, and we have such designers as Zero + Maria Cornejo to corroborate this claim. Not only did the pieces presented in their collection feature the combination of these colors in separates, but in single outfits as well. The mixture of these two bold colors gives the wearer a powerful and playful look, but there is one thing to bear in mind.

Whichever shade of pink you choose to wear, make sure that the red is true red – not maroon or burgundy. You can wear a bold outfit comprised of red pants and a blouse to match and top the look off with a bright fuchsia coat. This is just one example, so let your mind wander and see what it comes up with.

In with the old

Many have discarded the corsets, deeming them passé, but we are here to tell you a little secret – they’re here, and they’re not going anywhere. With the return of the once much-loved 2000s trend which revolved around ‘dressy’ tops and jeans, corsets have come to play as well. So, whether they are darker, gothic corsets, or frilly and floral ones, loose or super-tight, make sure to own at least one this season.

For parties, they work incredibly well on their own, but even everyday looks can feature them if you put a great white shirt to use.

No white after Labor Day

As silly as this rule is, it is one that has been followed for many years. Well, 2017 is definitely a turning point, because not only are we now encouraged to wear white but to also incorporate white accessories into our looks.

It-girls like Bella Hadid and Kendall have been spotted rocking their white ankle boots a while ago, so if you’ve been mulling over the idea of bringing a white boot to your footwear arsenal, now is the time to do so. They are seemingly complicated to mix, but trust us, they will work hard for you and make sure every single outfit is elevated, but in a cool and relaxed way.  

The risky one

There is this one rule we’ve been dying to break, but most of us are afraid to do it simply because we don’t know exactly how to go about it. Of course, we’re talking about socks with sandals. There are times during the winter, when the weather smiles at us and gives us a few unseasonably warm days. These are the days we want to use to infuse as much fun into our outfits as possible, and socks on sandals are a great way to do that.

Well, in order to pull it off right, all you need to know is that the socks have to be in a contrasting color from the sandals, and make sure the sandals don’t have an overly summery vibe – keep them dark, sturdy and preferably made out of leather or the super-trendy velvet.

Keep it warm

The general rule of thumb is that we shouldn’t rock playsuits during the winter, for obvious reasons – it’s too cold and they are meant to be worn during the summer. However, this couldn’t be a sillier rule. If you have amazing pairs of playsuits you want to rock – do it! The only thing you have to take care of is warmth, and you can easily warm up with a cute and stylish pair of tights, as well as trendy blazer. Wearing playsuit in the winter actually works to your advantage and become the master of layering.

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