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Ladies, I understand first hand how frustrating it can be to shop when you aren’t a size zero (and size zeros I know you have issues too, but this is for my curvy ladies.)  As someone who has always been considered plus-size (except perhaps when I was born) I can identify with the torture that some stores, dressing room lights, and sales people can bring.

I am here to declare the war on curvy women OVER! I want to introduce you to the amazing clothing lines, online boutiques and manufacturers creating beautiful garments just for YOU! There has never been a more exciting time in plus-size fashion than now.  It’s my dream come true to be able to share with you the exciting options we have to look and feel beautiful.

As a Contributing Editor to Marie Claire magazine and the host of their YouTube show, based on their most popular column, “Big Girl in a Skinny World” it is my mission to make women dress right at every body type. Whether you’ve gained the “Freshman Fifteen” or haven’t ditched the baby weight, the days of sweats and muffin tops are OVER!!!

With the tips in this video series (and in the monthly column) I hope you will learn to translate trends, dress for your body type, appreciate your best assets (instead of  focusing on the problematic ones), and strut confidently down the runway of your life.  Whether your issue is what to pack for your summer vacay, how to find the perfect pair of jeans or who to look to for style inspiration, we’ve got it all.

Big girls are no longer forced to squeeze into clothes that are too tight or drown in matronly wears from their mother’s catalogue.  There are such wonderful lines like Eshakti, Asos Curve, Carmakoma, & beyond… (Heard of ANY of them???)  Watch and learn ladies.  And for your personal dilemmas, find me on Facebook and Twitter @themarcyminute and send them my way!

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