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Yes, we know that your everyday makeup routine can get a bit boring from time to time, which is exactly why you should make some changes as soon as possible. If you’re up for that, just be sure to stay with us, because we have four beauty tweaks that’ll totally change your face and upgrade your look. Just check them out and enjoy!

Fill in your brows like a real pro

Everyone knows that eyebrows provide a perfect frame for our face – of course, as long as they’re properly groomed, which is exactly what bothers millions of ladies from all over the globe. A lot of women have brows that are naturally very patchy and sparse in spots, so they have to spend hours in front of a mirror filling them in and grooming them to perfection.

The best way to make that happen is to use a brow powder which is one shade lighter than your brows. Just be sure to find a teeny-tiny angled brush which will make your life much easier, and use it to outline the shape of your brows. Then fill in the area from the middle to the tail end, and voila – you’ve mastered your natural yet refined brow look that’ll totally change your face!

Fabulously plumped lips in just a couple of minutes

Yes, we know that a lot of women dream about fuller and plumper lips, and you know what? You can have them any time you want! Of course, you can always accomplish such a look thanks to various makeup tricks that can instantly make a huge difference. First of all, you should put your favorite lip liner to good use, as this product can do miracles for your final look. Use a liner that’s one shade darker than your lips, and sketch the shape using short strokes for a much better visual effect.

Needless to say, you don’t have to stay within the natural line of your lips – you can overdraw them a little bit, in order to make them look much plumper. Once that’s done, just add one coat of your fave nude lipstick, and a touch of lip gloss on the middle of your lips, and you’re all done!

Perfectly chiseled nose? No problem!

Another facial feature that causes a lot of troubles for women of all ages is their nose – the majority of them would like their nose to be just a little bit slimmer, thinner, or longer. Of course, you can make that happen in the blink of an eye; all you need is a matte bronzer and your favorite highlighter. Apply bronzer to the sides of your nose with a small angled brush, and then blend those lines with a bigger, fluffier brush. After that’s done, use a fan brush to add highlighter to the bridge of your nose, between your contours. Make sure not to skip this step, as it’ll instantly make your nose appear much thinner, longer, and slimmer.

On the other hand, if you want a more permanent solution to this problem, you can always opt for a rhinoplasty procedure that can straighten and reshape your nose by modifying the bones and the cartilage. Apart from bringing amazing results at the level of the aesthetics, it can also deal with nasal obstructions that make breathing difficult and therefore improve your overall health.

Prominent bone structure you’ve always dreamed of

If you’re one of those ladies who has always dreamed of perfectly chiseled cheekbones and jawline, you’ll be thrilled to find out that everything is possible thanks to fabulous makeup tricks you’ll love to try out. Of course, a matte bronzer is your best friend here, too, as well as a fluffy angled brush that can do wonders for your bone structure.

When you dip it into the bronzer, just be sure to tap off the excess amount of the product, so that you don’t mess everything up once the brush touches your face. You should apply bronzer under your cheekbones, hairline, and jawline for the best visual effect. When that’s done, add a touch of highlighter to your cheekbones, and you’re good to go!

As you can see, each of these four tweaks is absolutely essential if you want to change your facial features and improve your look to the max. Just stick to our useful tips and you’ll make that happen like a real pro, without any doubt!


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