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Unlike the world’s most famous fashion capitals where a festive look is almost always adjusted to lower temperatures, snow and cold, people in Australia have the luxury to play with colors and different styles. During the holidays in the Land Down Under, people have the freedom to try out different looks without any fear of feeling cold, play with makeup with no possibility of rain and snow ruining it, as well as with hairdos with no fear of wind messing up their style. So, if you’re planning to get your own taste of Aussie stylishness and festivity for the holiday season, keep on reading.


Skincare is very important for Aussies, especially considering the damaging influence of sun rays. People in Australia pay a great deal of attention to making their skin healthy and radiant. Prevention is more valued than correction. In that respect, proper morning and evening routines are a must for anyone who prides themselves on being fashionable and stylish. This is especially important during the festive season, of course. Holidays in Australia take place during the summer and it’s of vital importance to have proper skincare and sun protection. SunSense SPF tint is, therefore, one of the most popular Aussie products for this occasion. Another highly trusted Aussie brand is undoubtedly Jurlique, which caters to many different skin types and needs.

Hair care

Your skin is not the only thing that should shine in its health and radiance, and Aussies are well aware of this fact. Therefore, the festive look can’t be completed properly if one doesn’t take proper care of their hair as well. As mentioned, Aussies enjoy summer time during the festive season and spend a lot of time on the beach as well. This calls for some adequate hair protection and care. For example, one of the renowned Australia-based hair brands is Al’chemy. Great natural products in this range, especially leave-in conditioners, are some of the hair care staples for Australian ladies.

Makeup essentials

There’s no rule when it comes to makeup looks in the land of Oz. Basically, everyone’s perfectly happy to rock their own unique look with confidence. Still, the festive season is bound to bring a lot of sparkle and glitter when it comes to eye makeup as well as stunning shades of red lipsticks. Since the weather is hot, it’s very important that the base makeup is top quality. Therefore, it’s no wonder that so many classy ladies opt for Napoleon Perdis face primers. Lightweight foundation such as Nude by Nature’s liquid mineral one mixed with shimmering skin perfector give the perfect healthy base for radiant and glowy face.  And if you want that gorgeous red lip, look no further than Face of Australia’s Lasting Looks lip crèmes.

Cool hairstyles

For that extra texture and volume, all fashionistas adore Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort Spray. It allows for creation of the most popular hairstyles, which are undoubtedly various types of loose braids, curls and casual updos. Also, Aussie ladies enjoy rocking some stylish hats to complete their look and protect their head from the sun. Beach waves and curly buns are a must and in that respect, Muk Curl Stick seems to be all the rage in the Land Down Under.

Fashion choices

The great climate of Australia allows for some really cool, personal and interesting fashion choices, especially during the holiday season. Even though the weather is warm, layering is still a pretty big deal in Oz. Matching swimsuit tops with personalized shorts or wearing girly playsuits with loose sleeveless cardigans are just some of many looks that can be achieved. For those special occasions, beautiful formal dresses are among the top choices for elegant holiday parties.

Do you have your own Australia-based staple brands? Oz might not be the first place you think of when considering the fashion and beauty centers of the world, but the style and uniqueness of the fashionistas there is definitely on the par with most exclusive fashion scenes. So, even if you don’t have an opportunity to visit Australia soon enough, make sure to draw inspiration for both festive looks and general lifestyle from the most beautiful Aussie styles.

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