6 Makeup Tips to Look Great After the Gym

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6 Makeup Tips to Look Great After the Gym. Since women usually don’t have much time for regular exercising, they tend to squeeze their gym hour into their hectic schedule. Which is why they have to look great after the gym even if it’s not such an easy task. While your body feels good after excessive sweating, your face looks flushed and your hair gets greasy. However, thanks to the following post-workout makeup tips you can continue checking off things from your to-do list glowing in beauty.

  • Wash your face 


The first thing you should do after the workout routine is to wash your sweaty face. But, rarely anyone knows that it should be done with cold instead of hot water. Washing your face with hot water can open your pores and dry out your skin. On the other hand, cool water will freshen up your face and help you get rid of the post-workout redness. Also, make sure that you don’t wipe your face with towel due to possible irritation, but just pat it gently.

  • Cleanse it, as well 

Apart from rinsing your face with cold water, you have to cleanse it, too. Due to all that sweating, your face gets covered with dirt and oil, which can clog your pores and lead to the breakouts. But, don’t try to cleanse your face in a hurry during the shower using soaps or shower gels. They don’t contain necessary moisturizing ingredients and might do more harm than good. Instead, try using gentle cleansers that don’t contain harmful ingredients such as sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate. When you’re short on time, opt for cleansing facial wipes which not only cleanse your skin, but make it softer, too. Plus, they can come in handy in case you prefer jogging through the park or down the beach where you aren’t able to follow your post-workout beauty routine.

  • Control sweat

Believe it or not, now it’s even possible to control the oil on your face with facial antiperspirant. All you have to do is to put a little bit of it at places where your skin gets extremely oily such as the forehead or upper lip. However, makeup artists don’t recommend it to be used all the time. So, opt for it only when you have an important meeting or any other special occasion after the gym.

  • Stick to the basics 


Since your cheeks already look flushed after the gym, you should definitely skip either bronzer or blush. What is more, when you apply powder blushes on the dewy skin, you can only create stains on your face. And that’s something you actually want to avoid. Likewise, you shouldn’t use foundation when you feel overheated. You should try BB cream or mistake-proof mousse.

  • But, highlight the eyes and lips 

Since you have to stick to the basics when it comes to facial makeup, you can perk up your look with a little bit of mascara and color rich lipstick. Whether you workout with makeup on or not, remember that your body continues to sweat for quite some period of time after exercising. So, if you don’t want your makeup to melt down off your face, opt for waterproof eye-makeup products or consider getting natural looking lash extensions and you can look gorgeous all the time with the minimal effort. Even during the workout.

  • Tame your hair


After the gym, your hair probably looks messy and greasy like everybody else’s. However, styling the hair takes most of our beauty routine, so sometimes we just have to skip washing our hair after the workout. When that happens, make sure you have a dry shampoo with you. So, simply spray it into the roots before the workout and your hair won’t get too wet. If your hair gets too messy, you should apply dry conditioner to its ends and try to tame it. Otherwise, you can always quickly braid your hair or make a loose bun.

No matter how hard you exercise or how little time you have for your beauty routine, there’re still makeup tips that can help you look great after the gym. So, you don’t have an excuse for an exhausted post-workout look anymore.


Guest Post by Hannah Thomas

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