6 Jewelry Trends That Are Big For 2021

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Your outfit is not complete without the right jewelry. Whether you like your jewelry contemporary, edgy, or traditional, designers have showcased some head-turning pieces on the runway this year that you can embrace in your everyday styling as well as for special occasions. 

Although the pandemic put a standstill to everything including the world of fashion, the brands did not stop experimenting with new designs and bringing out their latest collections. Some trends saw a resurgence, while some trends did not make a single appearance on the runway and some finally got the spotlight.

Check out some of the hottest jewelry trends for 2021 to don on your earlobes. 

1. Timeless Pearls 


Your mother must be very happy seeing that pearls have made a comeback this year. Pearls are one of the most timeless pieces of jewelry. Although for long they have been treated as heirloom pieces inherited from mothers to daughters, that is not the case anymore. 

This year, on the runways, designers have attempted to layer different kinds of pearls together and create a mismatched look. So you can layer off as many pearl necklaces as you want and will not be called out for lacking a fashion sense! 

2. One and Only

Big singles earrings have been on the runway last year but the trend did not exactly take off because, well, 2020 was not the best year for anything. However, that seems to be changing, as 2021 saw brands like Fendi, N21, and Alberta Ferretti coming out with single earrings as one of the many winter accessory trends

Fashion experts believe that the trend is going to be in the spotlight this year, so you better get ready to shop all the trendiest single earrings you can find! 

3. Geometric Shapes Jewelry 

If you have been waiting for this trend to die down, unfortunately, it does not seem like it will be happening anytime soon. The trend is back on the runway this year as brands like Sportsman, and Robdejer showcased it. 

These pieces of jewelry in different shapes are a little heavy and make for great statement pieces. You can find these on earrings, chokers, and even bangles! 

It is best to pair this jewelry with a simple monochromatic look that will look perfect for a Saturday night out look as well as for a Sunday morning brunch. Layering this jewelry is not a good choice. A majority of these pieces come in silver colors. 

4. Long Necklaces

Finally, the lock necklaces are back this season! For all of you who have been sick of the 90s chokers dominating the runway the last few seasons, you can finally be relieved that the trend is gone. 

You can splurge as much as you want on these long necklaces. Chloe, Dior, Tory Burch, and many others did not shy away from revealing their latest long necklace collection this season! 

Long necklaces are extremely versatile. It can be worn with a dress or a simple top or even a pantsuit! From celebs to supermodels have been spotted wearing long necklaces with high collar tops! 

5. The Icy Diamonds

We saw a number of Jewelry trends make a comeback this year, from pearls to long necklaces but there is one piece of jewelry that is forever going to stay in trend no matter what – diamonds. 

Every year diamond pieces make an appearance on the runway and this year was no different except that brands this year went all out. Brands took the phrase ‘dripping in diamonds’ quite literally; from diamond-encrusted full headpieces to earpieces to necklaces! 

As they say, a girl can never say no to diamonds. Chanel, Simone Rocha, Hermes have all added new diamond pieces to their collections. If diamonds are what you live for, do not forget to add these pieces to your collection. However, remember to buy certified diamonds only, and steer clear of sellers who refuse to show you the documents. 


Now that you have reached the end of the post, what remains now is for you to splurge your money on these 6 hottest jewelry trends this year and be ready for spring 2021! 

Although springs look like it’s far away since you are still quacking in your winter boots and sipping hot cocoa to drive away from the cold that seems to have settled deep in your bones, it is best to be prepared because before you know it, spring will be here and you will be shaking off those extra layers in no time! 

Pandemic or not, you still gotta look stylish!

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