5 Winter Accessories Trends to Have on Your Radar

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With winter approaching slowly, the time has finally come for yet another seasonal change and a few new additions to your wardrobe. However, the colder months can be particularly tricky when it comes to styling, as our whole outfit usually consists of a good coat and a killer pair of boots. And if you, like most women, simply don’t have a large enough budget to invest in a statement coat for every day of the week, accessories are going to be your best friends during the upcoming season, as they can truly make or break any cold weather outfit.

So, here are some of the biggest winter accessories trends to look out for:

1. Elegant hair clips

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From the comeback of snap clips to the ever popular bobby pins, hair clips are one of the biggest accessory trends for the upcoming season. But instead of only being used to tame and pull back fly-away hairs, they are now beautifully designed to add some interest and a chic touch to any look. Mostly seen in various shades of gold, and often adorned with sparkly rhinestones or beautiful pearls, hair clips can add even more dimension to every outfit, and help anyone embrace the eccentric hair accessories trend. Kitsch, oversized bobby pins with words such as ‘queen’ and ‘glam’ have also been seen, although mostly on celebrities who truly wanted to make a bold statement with their look.

2. Statement headbands

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A trend that is constantly being revived, and has dominated the hair accessory tendencies during the whole year, statement headbands are undoubtedly going to be big in winter as well. From leather headbands that add some edge to any look and velvety pieces for an added touch of femininity, to big, padded headbands and oversized accessories adorned with elegant pearls, this preppy trend has been seen in all shapes, colors and sizes this season. Ideal for adding more volume to any hairstyle, as well as elevating any cold weather outfit, statement headbands make for the most chic and stylish hair accessory trend you can try out during the upcoming months.

3. Delicate jewelry pieces

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Although dainty jewelry used to be a summer staple, this year we’ll also be seeing it well into the colder months. From thin chain chokers to delicate bracelets and link earrings, fine, elegant jewelry pieces are a huge trend for the upcoming season. Mostly seen in shades of gold and rose gold, bolder fashonistas even dared to mix these two metals and stack their delicate pieces on top of each other. However, the most popular trend for winter jewelry are undoubtedly moon stone pieces, mostly in the form of beautiful rings and necklaces, as their light pastel hue and gorgeous natural sheen perfectly fit into the winter wonderland aesthetic. If you want to get in on this trend as well, you can find beautiful moon stone jewelry here.

4. Oversized handbags

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Whether you’re a woman on the go who needs all the practicality she can get or simply a fashionista who loves to follow the latest trends, everyone can wear oversized bags this season. Beautifully offsetting chunky outerwear pieces, XXL handbags are ideal for the colder months, and perfect for completing any chic winter outfit. While the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this trend might be large totes, even the smaller bags are getting an upgrade this season. From bigger clutches that can fit all of your essentials to oversized shoppers that can carry it all, large handbags in neutral colors have become an everyday essential, and there’s no denying we’ll be seeing them everywhere come winter.

5. Shearling everything

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Whenever the weather starts to get colder, we’re used to seeing an abundance of shearling jackets and coats. However, shearling accessories are a completely new trend that is bound to take over the fashion world in the upcoming months. While shearling-lined boots might not be a completely new concept, this winter we’ll be seeing everything from shearling footwear to shearling hats and gloves, along with shearling-covered bags, whether they only have a few fuzzy details or they’re completely covered in this white, soft fabric. Not only wooly and cute, but also incredibly warm and cozy, the shearling trend will bring you a lot of joy during the colder months, no matter which accessory you opt for.

From glitzy hair clips to fine jewelry and oversized handbags, these hottest winter trends are bound to elevate any outfit and take your cold weather styling to the next level.

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