The 5 Key Print Trends for 2019 Spring/Summer

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Following trends can be difficult if you don’t see yourself as a fashion person. Trying to keep up with different trends can sometimes be exhausting, especially if you have a demanding job and a lot of house chores to do. Still, if you want to add some new funky colourful pieces to your wardrobe, here are some biggest print trends for the upcoming season:

1. Groovy colours

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The sixties and seventies are long gone, but the spirit of free love and hippie aesthetics still lives on. In 2019, we can expect a lot of bold colours and trippy patterns. Prada has decided to take this route for their spring/summer collection, so you should too. The more colourful, the better, so if you love matching different tones, this is the perfect trend to embrace, right in time before the summer festival season. Next time you’re shopping for clothes, pick up a groovy tee and pair it with some ripped denim jeans and your old pair of Chucks. If you can’t find the one you’re looking for, you can always shop at thrift stores or on the Internet, where you can find the perfect groovy print! Let your hair out of the bun and play some Jefferson Airplane while drinking your favourite beer in a hip pub or a music venue of your choice!

2. Polka dot

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There’s nothing cuter than a polka dot buttoned shirt paired with bright red lipstick. The good thing about polka dot print is that it can be equally hip and professional, it all depends on the outfit you’re wearing. You can wear classing black with white dots or if you prefer, just find bolder colour combinations. The big twist this year is, wearing polka dot from head to toe, and matching different polka dot prints at the same time. If that feels like too much, then you can opt for only one piece and keep the other one simple. Matching polka-dot skirt with a regular white T-shirt will still make you look trendy. The key is to be comfortable while also being stylish, not to wear everything and anything together. When it comes to brands, Marc Jacobs, Celine and Chloe have all decided to add polka dots to their spring/summer collections.

3. Floral, but vintage

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It seems like every spring there’s a trend of wearing floral prints, but this time floral isn’t just any print that has flowers in it. Wearing floral can be different, and in 2019, this means prints with a vintage feel to them. More like a spread of a 1950s fashion magazine, so if you’re into nostalgia, this is a perfect opportunity to channel your inner pin-up girl and get yourself a 50s dress. There are many specialised online clothes shops where you can find unique vintage pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd that prefers fast fashion brands. It’s not easy being unique, but with vintage floral, you have a pretty big chance of looking different from everyone else. The floral print is uniquely feminine and timeless so even if you buy a bit pricier piece it is certain that you’ll be able to wear it for many seasons.

4. Animal print

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Wearing animal print requires a certain level of self-confidence and attitude. One of the interesting things about animal print is that it’s quite polarizing — people either hate it or love it. If you’re in the first group, there’s still a way to wear it and look elegant and classy. Match a leopard print jacket with a black turtleneck, or simply wear an animal print purse when wearing a homochromatic outfit. Aside from classical animal print, this season will be marked by outfits with pictures of actual animals on it. So don’t be surprised if you spot more people wearing birds, reindeer and farm animals. Fendi showed us that wearing birds on jackets is cool, while Dolce and Gabbana decided to go with chickens and hens on a white dress.

5. Plaid

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Plaid is usually associated with grunge bands and American working-class, but this year, prepare to be amazed by various stylish pieces brought by Versace and Gucci. This year we’ll wear skirts, jackets and sweaters in a print featuring plaid of squares, with more squares inside. In the past few years, plaid has made a big comeback, so it’s no surprise to see that this season is no different from those before. Additionally, the plaid print will be equally represented in both female and male fashion, so if you’re looking to buy some new clothes for your partner, brother or a male friend, you can choose plaid-patterned clothes.


As you can see, prints will dominate this year’s trends. Whether you prefer more neutral colours, there’s still a chance to find a pattern that works for you. Just remember that you shouldn’t compromise your own style for the sake of being trendy. Whatever you wear, add a detail that is a unique reflection of you!

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