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From makeup newbies to beauty aficionados, if you ask any cosmetics enthusiast, you’ll find out that they have benefitted from turning to Internet stars for advice on makeup application. Beauty gurus and bloggers together with their YouTube channels have made quite a revolution when it comes to the beauty industry, managing to create an environment where you can learn and make progress on your makeup journey while still remaining relatable, acting very much like your virtual friends.

They’ve taught us so many useful makeup tips on how to prep your skin and get polished, professional results without necessarily hiring a makeup artist. Here are some genius ones.

Foundation and concealer lay the groundwork for makeup looks

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Everything good starts with a good foundation, and our beauty routine shouldn’t be any different. Applying the foundation is the essential first step – it creates the base for everything else, so it’s important that you apply it before your concealer. If you’ve got oily skin, do what English makeup artist Wayne Goss suggests – set the base with a moisturizer, use a loose powder to help your makeup stay put for longer, and then apply liquid foundation. If you want to get that dewy glow, listen to blogger Alexandra of Glory Boon and add a little face oil into your foundation for hydration and a smoother finish.

As for the concealer, apply it in a triangle shape instead of dotting it to conceal redness and brighten the area. Fabiola, a celebrity makeup artist, suggests you also apply a pea-sized amount of concealer in the area around the nose to cover up nasolabial folds. Another makeup hack is to put it on the outer corners of your eyes and give yourself an instant eyelift.

All makeup ingredients aren’t created equal

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Makeup tutorials can be of major help in creating some of your favorite makeup looks, but it’s important that you use long-lasting, pigmented, and high-quality makeup products to achieve the best results. As we all know – not all makeup is created equal. Some brands will use less expensive and synthetic ingredients while others will offer premium formulations with cleaner ingredients.

This is a topic often covered by beauty gurus – a great example of this would be the YouTube channel of the Australian beauty blogger Chloe Morello where she tests designer makeup products. Not only does she provide detailed product reviews, but her videos are also a great way to learn where you can get some high-quality cosmetics online in Australia while at the same time learning how to apply the products properly. Whether we’re talking about eyeshadow and highlighter palettes or primers and foundations, high-end makeup brands often perform better compared to less expensive or drugstore brands, and they’re longer-lasting, so they’re very much worth the splurge.

You can make your own lip color and eyeliner at home

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For those of us looking to step up our DIY makeup game, bloggers have some great hacks for us as well. On her blog Beauty by Britanie, a blog that focuses on natural beauty, Britanie gives tips on how you can make your own eyeliner at home by combining activated charcoal (capsule powder) and coconut oil.

Another beauty hack is to make your own lip color by mixing a bit of petroleum jelly and the loose pigments of your favorite eyeshadow. It takes just a few seconds and it looks amazing.

You can use a spoon as a mascara shield and a stencil for eyeliner

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Speaking of things you can do with the items you have at home, another blogger tip to make your beauty routine easier is to rely on a spoon when applying mascara and/or eyeliner. Place a spoon on top of your eyelid so that it looks like it’s hugging it and start applying mascara on your lashes. The back of the spoon will make sure that any residue ends up on it rather than the skin.

Another genius makeup tip is to use the spoon as a stencil when applying your eyeliner. Use the spoon stem to draw the first line from the outer corner of your eye. Then, place the spoon on your eye so that it hugs your eyelid, and draw another line and get the perfect winged eyeliner look. Make sure your makeup is waterproof, too, especially if you’re heading to the beach, and try to use fewer products following the motto “less is more”. This will allow you to keep your makeup looking practical and stylish whether you’re going for a cocktail, lunch, or meeting.

Wrapping up

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The Internet has made so many things easier, including learning how to do your makeup properly. In the digital era, finding out the best way to contour your face or find the perfect foundation shade for your particular skin tone is just a couple of clicks away, and all the information is at the tip of your fingers. With these couple of genius makeup tricks up your sleeve, you can manage to look polished and put together and achieve amazing, professional results regardless of your makeup application skill level.

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