What Are Fashion Influencers Wearing This Season?

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Do you remember the time when models and actresses and singers were the ones who were dictating the fashion trends of today? Well, that time is slowly dying out, as there are other people who we follow in order to see what is fashionable and what is not. Yes, the topic of fashion influencers might constantly be a topic for discussion (should we follow them? who are they? what do they want from us and why do we need to listen to people who have enough money to buy everything they want?), but then again they really did make fashion much more interesting and closer to the hoi polloi. Even though you are probably following at least one influencer, let’s see what the things they are wearing this season are. What is the 411? (Is this still a phrase we’re using?)


Crochet paradise

The most popular trend right now is crochet. This is not only a trend that is popular in fashion, as there are many people who create crochet toys for babies as well, but that might be a topic for some other time. Namely, even though winter is coming, crochet is going to be quite big this season, and huge the next spring and summer. The good thing about this is the fact that you can always try and crochet a garment of your own (if crochet is your cup of tea and you want to take it up as a hobby), or opt for one of the amazing crochet dresses by Stella McCartney. Any crochet dress or shirt will do for this season.


Things with holes

Who would have thought that holes in clothes could become popular one day? Well, that day has arrived, as one of the biggest trends of the season are hole punches and very random and spontaneous cutouts on clothes. Yes, that includes coats, t-shirts, sweaters, and even jeans and trousers. They do add a bit of breeze to the outfit, making it one of the most waited for trends for next summer. And this fall and winter (especially the days when it’s not too cold) serve as a trial period, so make sure to get a hole in your outfit this season at least once!


The 2000s are back

Photo by Wenyang on Unsplash

You do not have to be a prophet to see that the almighty 2000s are back. Simply take a look at your TV – all of the music videos give off that 2000s feel, starting from Normani’s Motivation which pays homage to some of the best videos of the decade. Anyhow, the fashion is back as well, and we are not only talking about crop tops and denim skirts. 


The accessories of the 2000s are back as well, and after the rise (and then fall) of the choker necklaces, there is another accessory that is on the throne. This means that you simply have to own several very fashionable scrunchies as this is the item we are talking about. Of course, if your hair is not something you want to experiment with, or you have short hair, you can always rock your 2000s with great bracelets that are influenced by this amazing decade, or go with interesting necklaces.

The almighty polo

The members of various country clubs around the world, and the people who always wanted to be members of one will be extremely happy this time, as polo tees are making their way back. The good thing is that you can combine them with practically anything this time – skirts, trousers, jeans, shorts, formal skirts, formal pants, and even put them on top of a dress as seen during the Lacoste fashion show. It is definitely a piece of clothing that can serve many purposes, and the amazing variety of patterns and colors they come in will make this endeavor much more interesting. 


The colors matters

Photo by Noémie Vaillancourt on Unsplash

Finally, sometimes it is not the clothes that we wear, but actually the colors that we wear them in. It is not enough to have a fashionable piece of clothing, you need to choose the right color to wear it in, as well. Apart from the 2019 Pantone color of the year (Living coral), you might want to choose strong earthy hues such as magenta or orange. Brown and olive green are also very popular right now, and they will be amazing for the fall. Dark Cheddar is also a color that is becoming very popular right now, and just like the name suggests, the color is very interesting as well. It is a hue of yellow that screams “fall”.


Following your favorite influencer is a great thing fashion-wise, but perhaps not enough. If you really want to be very fashionable, you need to follow fashion, not only one influencer. This is why it is very important to hear what everyone has to say, and choose the things that are your style. This is how you are going to be unique and how you are going to pull everything off. 

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