Why Online Dating Is Worse Than Not Dating At All


Why Online Dating Is Worse Than Not Dating At All

Excuse me while I rant. I’m trying to give all these dating apps a shot – I really am. I want to be positive and open-minded, but the dudes out there are making it quite difficult for me. What is this world we live in?
I’ve flirted with online dating for the past year or so, trying out new apps and then deleting them after a couple months, then revisiting them several months later only to delete them again. I get annoyed because I’m not meeting anyone in real life and I temporarily forget how much I hate internet dating. It doesn’t take long for me to remember.
It’s literally the worst. Every app has a different gimmick and so far they all just suck. It’s impossible not to be superficial because you have no real-life chemistry or connection to go on. You can’t get a real feel for anyone’s personality and swiping left is all too easy.
If there’s no algorithm to match you, there’s literally nothing to go on. Most guys can’t seem to be bothered to fill out their profiles, let alone give you any sense of who they are. That leaves you choosing entirely on looks, which is stupid as hell.
Even when there is an algorithm it doesn’t work all that well. It scares me sometimes to see who an app considers me extremely compatible with because it’s so far off.
Then, even if you do match … good luck getting anywhere with anyone. There’s too much choice and the fact that it’s all online gives everyone free rein to be flaky as hell. There’s always something else a swipe away, so why bother trying, right? I started out putting in an earnest effort but I soon learned there’s not much point. Most of the men I message never message me back at all. It makes me feel really good, let me tell you.
Even if I do strike up a conversation with someone, he usually lets it fizzle out after a few sentences back and forth. I almost never get a guy who actually asks for my number, let alone asks me out on a date. I can experience all this in real life – I don’t need to get humiliated in two different arenas. It’s bad enough that I have to deal with it in reality let alone online.
I’m over it. It’s stupid. Anyone can look good on paper, and I can’t even get to a date to tell if I have compatibility with someone. Dating apps are a useless time suck. I have more important things to do with my life. Worst of all, they make me feel bad about myself. I don’t need that. I’m an awesome woman with a lot to offer and I won’t let some silly internet crap change the way I feel about who I am.
So, I’m officially done. Again. I have too much going on to deal with the BS. I’d rather be happily single and focused on the rest of my life than worried about whether I’m going to match with some random on Bumble or OkCupid. If I’m going to meet someone, it’ll be in real life.

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